Invoice Focus Group Meeting Minutes: December 15, 2003

Joan Hendershot [recorder], JulieKaufman [chair], Kayla Reichardt and Suzanne Posluszny


  1. Renewals Received at Alex/LSM
    • Received Harr., Swets and Ebsco
    • Swets waiting for some credits
    • Ebsco being worked on
    • Swets (Everetts list) not yet received by Alex
  2. Statistics - Julie gave out charts for various invoice statistics to each member of the group

Round Robin

1. Joan - Problems with some Swets invoices, waiting for credits. Swets (Everetts list) not yet received at Alex.

2. Suzanne - Problems with fund ID's and holding codes in some order records.

3. Kayla - She may not attend Invoice Meetings in the future, Gracemary may take her place.

4. Julie working on new orders, firm orders and reistates.

5. The discussion on titles no longer part of a package will be discussed at the March meeting. This needs to be discussed more and clarified as how to proceed with these titles.

Next meeting: Feb. 16, 2004 @ Alex
Time: 10:30am

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