Minutes of January 14, 1999, Meeting

K. Ananthan, S. Bartz (for E. Fabiano), N. Borisovets, J. Cassel, A. Scholz-Crane, B. Warwick (recorder)
J. Mardikian, S. Nash, P. Piermatti

1. Announcements

Robeson Library has mounted an online form available from its web page for professors to send Camden Reserve lists to Debbie Goldberg. The "Reserves Request" form can be found at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rulib/abtlib/camlib/rform.html.

Ann stepped us through the form and demonstrated its use. This is a first attempt to move this form onto the web. Robeson staff is very interested in gaining some experience using the form so they can get some feedback to improve it. They are willing to share this form with other Reserve desks for their use.

2. Report Error Form

We reviewed the current draft of the online record error report form in the test WebCat. This draft reflects changes implemented by Kalaivani following discussions at the November PAC meeting. Those present liked the current version and approved it to be moved into the production system. Kalaivani will let us know when this will be done (probably in a week).

3. ILL Follow-up

We reviewed the current version of the initial Interlibrary Loan Service page that you reach from selecting the "Interlibrary Loan" button in the test WebCat. This version reflects the changes made by Kalaivani after our last meeting. This page has been a continuing agenda item for the past several meetings and engendered a very lively discussion (again).

We had several ideas for additional modifications and felt that we needed a better mechanism for sharing suggestions with the ILS Subcommittee to ensure that timely decisions for a revised page could be made. We don't want to extend this process unnecessarily and proposed arranging with Judy Gardner for a representative of PAC to attend the next ILS Subcommittee meeting to discuss our suggestions. Natalie reminded us that she is already a member of the ILS Subcommittee. Kalaivani was recommended as an additional PAC representative to the next ILS meeting because her knowledge of what is possible in the system can speed the process immeasurably; Kalaivani agreed to attend. Ann will discuss our concerns and proposal with Judy.

Further PAC discussion was postponed until our next meeting.

Hopefully, we will have had a chance to meet with ILS before then and be able to finalize this page at that meeting.

4. Link to full FAQ list via QUESTIONS button in IRIS

We reviewed the proposed "Questions?" button link to the FAQ in test WebCat. We agreed that the link looks reasonable and approved adding the "Questions?" button to the dark blue button strings in the production system. Kalaivani will let us know when she will be able to implement this change (probably in a week -- at the same time that the online error form is implemented).

5. Serials Records Displays

We returned to the lingering issue of redefining the default WebCat serials display that was initially examined last spring. At that time we made some decisions about changes to the display as part of a systematic reexamination of the default displays for all formats. That review started with books, moved to serials, then to manuscripts, and then was supposed to move on to the other formats. The plan at the time was to review all the formats one-by-one and change the test system as each format was reviewed. Then, after all of the formats had been reviewed and modified, make all the format changes at once in the production system. The books changes were implemented in the test system; most of the serials changes were implemented in the test system; some of the manuscript changes were implemented in the test system; and no other formats were reviewed.

The group revised that plan and decided to move revised default displays for each format into the production system as displays for that format were approved. Accordingly, we approved moving the revised books default display into the production system. Those changes have been in place for over six months in the test system and the group found no problems with them during that time. Bob will notify Ann when this has been done.

The group reviewed those earlier decisions for serials and had a few additional suggestions. The new discussion primarily concerned the Electronic access tag (856) and its relationship with the Library has tag (930).

Three suggestions will be tested:

1) we will try the label "Library has online" for the 856 tag,

2) we will try to suppress 856 subfields other than the one containing the URL from the display, and

3) we will organize the tags so that the 856 tag displays immediately above the 930 tag so that they appear together in WebCat. Bob will implement the existing proposal (with the additional changes suggested today) in the test system before our next meeting so that we can review the new display then.

6. Next meeting

Ann will arrange the next meeting through e-mail.

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