Minutes of September 14, 1999 Meeting

Introductions and chat with Karen Oster

Members of the committee introduced themselves to Karen and talked with her about the connection between her position and PAC activities. During the course of the discussion, Karen offered to mock up new root level buttons for IRIS (currently the navy buttons for items such as self services and reserve desk, etc.). She also spoke with the committee about the option of adding viewing of MARC tags in view options screens. The committee agreed that this would be a nice service to add to IRIS. Karen will implement this in the test catalog and let PAC know when it is available.

UPDATE: Karen now has a graphics software package and will be work on the buttons soon.

Library Name Changes in IRIS

The library name field is limited to ten characters and spaces are not allowed. The committee decided to change all library names to the full title when library names are 10 characters or less, e.g. ALEX would become ALEXANDER and CAMDN would become CAMDEN. For libraries not falling into this category, the committee will decide upon a proper designation in cooperation with representatives from that library. Scholz-Crane will follow up with J. Boyle to uncover a previous list of names identified when SIRSI was first implemented.

Change name Questions to Ask a Librarian

This item was sent as a request from WAC. PAC agreed to change and Scholz-Crane will send a new button to Ananthan shortly for loading.

Make IRIS Guide - Help and update pages to reflect new information on the Web

This item was sent to PAC from WAC for discussion. PAC decided not to use the contents of the current IRIS Guide page as a substitute for Help pages. The committee felt that this would be too confusing for the user. Instead, the committee made a commitment to have the help pages available shortly. The committee felt that many of the pages that need to be updated from Web pages involve circulation issues. Scholz-Crane will ask J. Gardner to provide content for these updates.

UPDATE: Scholz-Crane has sent individual help files to Ananthan for loading.

Sub location information in IRIS Help

A request was made to add fuller information to sub location information appearing in the IRIS guide and Help files, e.g. exact building location and circulation status. The committee decided not to include further information on locations within buildings since it was felt that gathering this information would be difficult and time consuming and that some of the sub locations are housed in several libraries making the list more cumbersome. The committee decided that specific information about sub locations locations within buildings could be best answered at a Reference Desk. The committee indicated that they would be interested in adding more circulation information. However, the committee recognizes that this is difficult with sub locations that exist in several libraries. Each library owning the sub location may have different circulation policies, e.g. LSM may loan Gov Docs but ALEX will not. The committee decided that it might be best just to designate those sub locations that never circulate. PAC will seek help from Access Services in generating this list. NB libraries will look at incorporating more detailed information on sub locations into their Common Knowledge Database.

SIRSI Upgrade highlights and test procedures

In the interest of time this item was postponed until the next PAC meeting. Most of the changes in the new release do not affect the public view of SIRSI but PAC will still need to test the new version.

Outline of decisions to be made for authorities implementation

Warwick overviewed the decisions that will be made by PAC concerning changes to the public version of SIRSI and authorities implementation. The committee agreed to hear the overview and make decisions at our next PAC meeting. In preparation for that meeting, Warwick suggested the committee visit sites that have already implemented authorities such as Emory, William and Mary, and University of Virginia. Authorities is now available for view in the IRIS test catalog as well: <URL removed>

The decisions to be made include:

The next PAC meeting was scheduled for October 7, 1999 from 9:30-11:30 at Kilmer.

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