Minutes of October 26, 1998 Meeting

Ananthan, Borisovets, Cassel, Fabiano, Mardikian, Piermatti, Scholz-Crane, Warwick, and, Witteman

Announcements and other business

Witteman announced changes to how location, sub-location, copy, and the status of BNA records display in WebCat. The decision to change the display was recommended by SACOPS. BNA records prior to purchase approval will display as follows:

COPY = 1

Scholz-Crane will submit an announcement of these changes for an upcoming issue of the agenda

Display and indexing of content notes (505 field)

The committee also agreed to continue displaying content notes in the full record format.

Navigational buttons

The committee will continue to discuss the various options via e-mail and will consult with J. Gardner in making a final decision.

Help update

Scholz-Crane reported that the in-context help pages are still in development and asked for help in editing these pages prior to loading. Piermatti and Cassel volunteered to help edit.

Share your concerns

Committee members offered suggestions for ways of improving WebCat. The committee divided suggestions into items that could be quickly decided upon at the present meeting and those that needed further discussion.

Resolved items include:

Suggestion Decision
Change the name of Keyword on index folder tabs to Advanced Search Committee agreed to this change and Scholz-Crane will modify the graphic
Change the name of EXIT IRIS button to RUL Home Committee agreed that it is important to include an obvious link back to RUL home but decided to leave the EXIT IRIS button as is and to add a navy button for RUL home.

Unresolved items include:

Next meeting

PAC will meet next on Thursday, November 19th at 9:30am at Kilmer

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac1098.shtml
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