Minutes of December 8, 1998 Meeting

K.Ananthan, N.Borisovets (Recorder), J.Cassel, J.Mardikian, P.Piermatti, A.Scholz-Crane, B.Warwick, J.Gardner


A. IRIS Help

The full version has been loaded into the test catalog. Piermatti and Cassel will be editing. Gardner will help with the RRS and ILL sections.

B. HomePage Button

The homepage button will be returned to the menu on all the pages. It was agreed that it would be clearer to label it "Rutgers Libraries HomePage" rather than "RUL HomePage."

C. Bottom Button String

Will be removed from short initial screens.

D. Search Type Menu

"Keyword" has been changed to "Advanced Search."

E. Request Item Button

1. In the test catalog, has been moved parallel to the "Check here to mark this item" option and right-justified. It was agreed that the right-justification made it less visible; Warwick will try moving it over to the left by counting and inserting pixels.

2. Will be dark blue and relabeled to "Request This Item."

3. Will be removed from top label string; will be added as a separate item before the standard string on the bottom.

F. "IRIS: Rutgers University Libraries' Information System" header

Suggestion that subtext could be removed. However, header and the buttons are one file; probably not worth the effort.

G. Interlibrary Loan Page (Test Catalog)

1. "Rutgers Request Service"

a. Link needs to be fixed (session number part of the link needs to be changed to "0.")

b. Option: Link to "Services" page; would explain what would need to do to place a RRS request. Since this would take the patron out of IRIS, the patron would have to start again and reenter the catalog.

2. Agreed that initial page too busy; need to compress and make more obvious that ILL is for non-Rutgers materials.


a. Change "NOT held by Rutgers" to "NOT in IRIS."

b. Find a graphical way to express this. Scholz-Crane will ask someone at Camden to come up with a draft design.

H. Self Services

1. "Click here to view" option at REQUEST/LIBRARY MESSAGES has been endorsed by other groups; will move from the test catalog into IRIS.

2. "HOLDS" Suggestion that be changed to "Book Holds." Sirsi wording, Ananthan will check if can be changed at all. Also not necessarily a book, could be video, etc., anything that has an item record. Articles can't go into the HOLDS file because there are no bibliographic records for articles.

I. "Option: Library"

In long search results lists that have SEARCH AGAIN and SEARCH LIMITS options at the end, the "option: library" choice listed under SEARCH AGAIN does not work. The library can only be specified in SEARCH LIMITS. Ananthan will find out if its possible to remove the option.

J. Author Tags in Hit Lists

Tag 130 was not included in our previous discussion of displaying author tags in hit lists. This would qualify serial titles by time and/or place. It was agreed that the 130 should be added to the list of tags displaying.

Next Meeting: Thursday, January 14th, 9:30 am, TSB.

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