Minutes of September 25, 2002 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Vibiana Bowman, Jeanne Boyle, Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber (recorder).

The status of possible new members is on hold. There are currently several new committees with large memberships within RUL. Jeanne petitioned Cabinet regarding our membership. I-PAC still needs a chair, and Bob has been attending LIS meetings to represent I-PAC. Jeanne will attend in the future until a chair can be named.

Bob reported on the LIS meeting. The next release of Unicorn was in the spring; it will be available in the test system in October. The release notes are now available via a page linked through the Systems Web page. There are very few changes to WebCat. Changes include new wizards for ordering, and improvements for holds. If things proceed smoothly, the changes will be implemented in the production system during winter break. Our assignment is to review the release notes. Bob will ask Chris Sterback, Chair of LIS, to forward LIS information to I-PAC's listserv.

Natalie has updated the entire Ask a Librarian FAQ. She has not yet looked at the "How do I" section of the Libraries page. Jeanne will post a message to RUL_Everyone announcing that the FAQ has been updated.

Vib has gotten the most recent version of the IRIS guide from Julie Still, former I-PAC chair. It was worked on last fall, but the changes have not been implemented. Information from the FAQ Natalie updated can be used in the IRIS guide.

The issue of how to divide the work of updating the IRIS guide was discussed. Bob will give the group the text of all in context help screens. Natalie suggested that we should try to find out how much the guide is actually used. Jeanne questioned if our emphasis should be on in context help, and asked what is an acceptable level of use for the IRIS guide. Twenty people per month was suggested as a reasonable figure.

Help screens were discussed. The question was raised whether librarians use online help; Vib reported that she had rarely seen a student use the help screens. No one has received feedback regarding help screens. Since help screens are a typical part of Web based services, it was suggested that we find a way to count how often the help screen is used.

The Instructional Services Committee is compiling a repository for materials they produce. Perhaps the IRIS guide can be added to it.

Jeanne will verify with Judy Gardner whether the Web page relating to IRIS have been updated so that I-PAC can use this information to update the IRIS guide. Vib will request that Julie Still share her I-PAC notes with the Committee regarding revision of the guide.

"Keyword" and "browse" will be made more prominent in the guide. Jeanne suggested that the sections be complete units. Stephanie is doing a complete revision of the IRIS guide, and will ask the rest of the committee to review it when she is finished. Vib will talk to Francois regarding Jaws. The main search screens need to be reviewed; this will be discussed at a future I-PAC meeting. Other Sirsi sites will be examined for design ideas. A list of peer institutions was distributed at the meeting.

The next meeting is Wednesday, October 30 at 9:30. The location will be announced at a later date.

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