Minutes of October 30, 2002 Meeting

S. Bartz, N. Borisovitz, V. Bowman [via teleconference], J. Boyle (acting chair), E. Calhoun, R. Warwick (recorder), M.B. Weber

1. September 25, 2002 committee minutes

The draft minutes of our September 25 meeting were approved with the changes that Mary Beth got from several committee members. Mary Beth will distribute them to the RUL_EVERYONE list and send them to Sam McDonald for inclusion on the staff web pages.

2. September 25 action items

We reviewed the status of the action items from the September 25 minutes.

3. LIS meeting report -- Boyle

Jeanne reported some of the highlights from the October 3 LIS meeting that related to IPAC activities.

4. IRIS Guide -- Bartz

Stephanie is making good progress with the revisions to the IRIS Guide and the committee wants to encourage her in this endeavor. The following issues were discussed.

5. Brief records in Unicorn -- Warwick

Bob forwarded this issue from the minutes of the September LIS meeting. The Cataloging Department is reviewing whether the old Geac circ-only records should be removed from the IRIS database and Rhonda Marker asked that this suggestion be brought to IPAC for its input.

6. New IPAC member

Following her spirited contributions to the brief records discussion, Ellen was asked to become a permanent member of IPAC. She agreed. Welcome to the group, Ellen!

7. Display of non-book formats in IRIS -- Boyle

This was a remaining issue from the old PAC committee that we discussed to see if it was still an issue that needed our attention.

8. U2002 release notes -- Boyle

Jeanne passed out the relevant sections of the U2002 Release Notes so that we could see what WebCat changes/corrections/enhancements are to be included in the new release.

9. Next meeting

The next IPAC meeting is Wednesday, November 27, at 9:30 AM.

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