Minutes of January 29, 2003 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Vib Bowman, Jeanne Boyle (convener and recorder), Ellen Calhoun, Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

Ellen reported that Marcive records are being loaded and have no holdings.

Jeanne reported about the January 9th LIS meeting.

The group reviewed use of the label “Electronic Access” for such related materials as tables of contents and publisher descriptions. The URLs for these materials are part of the record as imported, and the item is not added to RU-Online. The group decided that the label should remain “Electronic Access.”

The bulk of the meeting was devoted to considering whether or not to change the default for the catalog to browse rather than keyword. General sentiment was favorable to the change. It was decided to use the test system to get comment during the semester and make any change after the semester ends. In the test, the default would be changed to browse, the steps of working through the radio buttons and search box would be numbered, and the language would be changed to brief phrases with the main words in bold. The page would be rearranged, with the search box first, keyword or browse second, and search type third. Language would be something like: “Search for word(s),” and “Search beginning with the words...,” rather than “Keyword” or “Browse.” Bob will try to configure the system so that there is no default and an error message results if no radio button for keyword or browse is selected. The arrangement of the top page of the University of Virginia's Sirsi Webcat would be used as a model, including the use of red to distinguish the search steps. In additional, it was recommended that “(optional)” be added to the text above the drop down box for selecting which library to search, which results in “(optional) search library.”

The new broadcast searching feature was reviewed. The feature has been enabled in the test catalog for the Center for Research Libraries, but more work needs to be done. The feature appeared only on a hit list resulting from a keyword search. It resulted in an empty search screen when using browse. Most importantly, the broadcast search option is not offered when there are no results.

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Jeanne Boyle

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