Minutes of June 18, 2003 Meeting

JEB, BW, SB, NB, MBW, EC. VB (videoconference)

JEB reported on LIS meeting: a NJ SIRSI user group is forming; met with Systems to go over the IPAC laundry list. We need to get on their priority list. New look for IRIS is not possible for the fall.

Discussed the browse/keyword issue. Use sunsite.berkeley.edu/libweb to view other library catalogs. To see proposed changes in IRIS, look at the test catalog. To view, follow link from RUL web page: under staff resources , choose cataloging- procedures-IRIS workflows-WEBCAT test system. In the test catalog, browse is a subject browse, i.e. subject begins with . Browse default now goes to general thesauri. BW will investigate the differences between the general and subject thesauri.

As for the overall look of the catalog, Public Services will meet with Systems in October to review the timeline for IRIS changes. BW has on his to do list: brief record report; broadcast searching; context help; item type; global delete for PURLS (note: only 16 titles need changing so don t need global redo); default to browse (in test); reindex and label; revisit nonbook displays; patron file; reports training.

Wording: secondary subject will be used for non-LC subjects. 650s appear in the order in which they are loaded by the system - it is not possible to sort them.

Cleanup of MARC holdings is an important goal.

Discussed order of search buttons. Will add a button to IRIS to search other library catalogs (after ILL button). ILL is changing in July and will no longer be in IRIS but in ILL manager software.

Systems must do upgrade of system from .15 to 2002.0.17 because of a bug in the software that hangs up the system. Must close servers and processes to clear the system when it hangs.

Usually meet the 3rd Wed. of month in am but conflicts will necessitate meeting some afternoons. Next meeting is July 16 at 2:00 p.m. Next secretary = Bowman.

Submitted 7-1-03 E. Calhoun

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_03_06_18.shtml
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