Minutes of August 20, 2003 Meeting

S. Bartz, N. Borisovets, V. Bowman (via teleconference) E. Calhoun, L. Langschied (Recorder) B. Warwick, MB Weber.


1. Final decision on pre-semester changes to IRIS:

a. Default to "Keyword" will not change

b. Wording will change: "Keyword" becomes "Contains" and "Browse" becomes "Begins with"

2. Process/timeline for new version of IRIS modeled on Vanderbilt

a. Process

i. B. Warwick will implement.

ii. IPAC & RUL will review & provide feedback.

iii. When RUL has opportunity to review, notice must direct them to review only the "search box" - not other design elements.

b. Timeline

i. Warwick will announce release of test changes via IPAC list for continuous review throughout process.

ii. Sept. 25 - 1s formal review by IPAC

iii. October 8 - 2nd review by IPAC (special meeting - IRIS changes only) If IPAC in agreement, this is a possible date to send the test site to RUL for review.

iv. October 23 - Possible scenarios:

1. Come to agreement & send to RUL for review (if not already done on October 8.)

2. If RUL review already completed, discuss impact/changes.

v. November 24 - Complete project. RUL input discussed, decided upon. Product forwarded to WAC for integration into RUL web page.

3. IRIS Guide (S. Bartz)

a. New sections (Printing, E-ZBorrow, Z39.50 Configuration, and Secondary Subjects) are written.

b. Revision needed: "Keyword/Browse -to- Contains/Starts With" - to reflect new search wording.

c. IRIS Guide now has links to other RUL pages for additional information. Linked pages will open in a second browser window.

d. Goal - Make IRIS Guide the only "help" document

e. Need to eliminate search-type buttons from "Help" screen

Question arose about existing "Brief Guide to IRIS" - should this be revised/rewritten for the "Vanderbilt" redesign, and by whom? Committee determined that the Brief Guide has its origins in the Instructional Services Committee. V. Bowman will present the question to them and report back to IPAC.

4. IRIS changes previously discussed/not implemented.

(Bob Warwick will investigate and/or remedy all below unless otherwise noted):

a. Email/Save/Print button also needs to be made and the print option added to the subsequent page. Add Locations/Holdings category on Report Error form.

b. Add Locations/Holdings category on Report Error form

c. Context sensitive help: Bob is making a list of all the pages that have a button for context sensitive help. IPAC needs to update all of them using portions of the updated IRIS Guide.

d. Call Number Browse - "Shelving Scheme" option: remove all except ALPHANUM, LC, LCPER, SUDOC

e. Addition of "Other Catalogs" button - discussion deferred. Will be discussed along with "Broadcast" at next meeting.

f. Call Number displays: Investigate options to make buttons consistent with other pages. The two Request buttons, the Report Error button, and Email/Capture button, and the Backward and Forward buttons are all currently missing from the Call Number browse results pages.

g. Display formats not yet revised (CD ROMS, etc.). Active projects - discuss after IRIS redesign.

5. Changes in meeting times/dates.

All meetings will run from 2-4:30, in the Rutgers Room, and teleconferencing equipment is reserved. Meeting dates through November are recorded in 2.b. above; December meeting date is the 22nd. L. Langschied will submit IPAC meeting dates to the RUL Events Calendar immediately.

6. Committee processes & practices review

L. Langschied. Discussion cancelled as issue became self-evident in the meeting.

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