Minutes of May 25, 2004 Meeting

S. Bartz, N. Borisovets, V. Bowman (via teleconference), E. Calhoun, L. Langschied (recorder), R. Warwick


1. Change to 856 field. IPAC received request from Rhonda Marker (Head of Cataloging) to endorse a recommendation to change the label of the 856 field in cases where the link is to something other than the item itself, e.g. to a Table of Contents, or a finding aid. Currently the 856 reads "Electronic Access." Rhonda suggests that in instances such as those described above, the link read "Related Resources." Implementing this change would rely on the "indicators" for the 856 field being accurate (e.g. 856 field with indicator 2 would all point to "related resources"). However, most samples we looked at did not work with this recommendation. IPAC agreed in theory with the proposal, provided that all URLs are cleaned up.

R. Warwick will confer with Rhonda to outline the problems IPAC discovered.

Review of records display. As part of an ongoing review of the display of bibliographic records in IRIS, IPAC turned its attention to the fixed fields displayed as "full" for computer files. The following fields will be recommended for elimination:

246 will no longer be clickable in any format
521 will display in book records and sound recordings
Brief computer file records will include physical description

R. Warwick will implement changes in test system.

Next meeting: June 24, 1:30 in IHL 413

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_04_05_25.shtml
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