Minutes of November 22, 2004 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Linda Langschied, Bob Warwick
Vibiana Cvetkovic

Useful links

The IRIS Test Catalog and the SIRSI Academic & Research Library Clients list will be added to the Useful Links section of the IPAC staff pages. Stephanie will contact Sam McDonald.


SIRSI iLink software has been installed in the IRIS Test Catalog and is available for review. After a general overview of the delivered version of iLink it was decided that a review of other iLink sites is warranted. The alphabetical list of links provided by SIRSI at:


will be split up in six sections to be reviewed by IPAC members as follows:

A thru D - Stephanie
E thru H - Natalie
I thru L - Ellen
M thru P - Linda
Q thru T - Bob
U thru Z - Vib

Bob will begin customizing the delivered version of iLink to reflect some of the decisions already made with regard to Webcat, plus some decisions arrived at after an initial review of iLink. After IPAC has completed the initial rounds of customization the rest of RUL will be asked for input.

Main page

Search results screens

Hit lists

Single record displays

My account

Other features discussed but not decided:

Bob was also asked to follow-up on the possibility of generating a list of new books sorted by broad subject as discussed at previous IPAC meetings.

362 Field for Serials

There was a brief discussion of whether the 362 field (Dates of publication and/or sequential designation) should display on serials records. The general consensus was that the field was not needed.

Next meeting: December 20, 2004, 1:30 p.m., Nicholas Rutgers Room

The meeting schedule for spring 2005 will be set at the December 2004 meeting.

11/22/2004sb, revised 11/23/2004

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