Minutes of December 20, 2004 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz; Vibiana Bowman (Recorder); Natalie Borisovets; Theo Haynes; Linda Langschied; Bob Warwick

Convened: 1:30 PM.

Bob reported on the I-link project. Conversion to the new format will take place in May 2005.

Strategic Planning for Public Services

Linda began discussion on the strategic goals and activities for RUL planning committee. Linda stated that the main strategic goal for IPAC will be to plan for the catalog to go beyond just a listing of resources, but a link to other vital resources available through RULS as well.

Linda suggested one strategic goal is that the catalog can become the single starting point for information searching. Linda also suggested that the catalog can become a point of access for archival/repository materials.

Vib suggested that this might be an opportunity for working with other RUL committees as well as members of various consortiums with whom RUL is involved.


Linda led a discussion of the results of comparing other I-link sites. Natalie suggested the catalog layout from HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College http://lib2.hacc.edu/web2/) and Trent University (Ontario http://www.trentu.ca/library.html).

There was a brief discussion of some of the features that appear on various versions of I-link. Some of these features include: "Find It Fast" (which finds subject headings and sub-headings) and media searches.

Bob discussed some of the new features in I-link. For example, the process description is currently being used in the test catalog instead of the policy name. Bob will bring a list of policy names and process descriptions in hard copy to the next meeting. The Committee will discuss which features within I-link should be implemented.

IPAC Meeting Dates

For the Spring semester, IPAC will meet every 3rd Thurs., from 1:30 to 4 PM. Vibiana Bowman will be on sabbatical for the Spring Semester. Theo Haynes will be attending for Vib. The meetings are: Jan. 20; Feb. 17; March 17; April 21; May 19; and June 16. Theo will be added to the IPAC mailing list. Before next meeting, members will send around a list of recommended library sites that are currently of libraries using I-link.

Adjourned 3 PM.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_04_12_20.shtml
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