Minutes of March 17, 2005 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (acting chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Judy Gardner (guest), Theo Haynes (remote & recorder), Bob Warwick.

Based on Judy Gardner's suggestions Self Services will be changed to My Account

Bob will set up a page with 3 columns of clustered items: 1)Barcode/PIN, 2)Review requested items, 3)Review requests for items outside Rutgers. Provide link to anchor for each choice: checkouts, holds, bills, bookings

Bookings to be changed to Media Bookings

Reserves: Change "Desk" to "Library" or "Library Reserve Desk"

Make Search box have dropdown with Instructor/Course Number or Name

Bob will change "Change Display" page box label "Unformatted Display" to "Display MARC format", eliminate "Library" box, and investigate whether other items from current View Options page can be included here.

Change Keep/Kept to Mark(Unmark)/Marked Items

Change on Kept page "Print Formatted" to "Save/Print"

Exit IRIS will replace Logoff

Put button for only EZBorrow at the top where current ILL/EZBorrow is now.

Library Info will include only Hours & Directions, How Do I?, RUL homepage and eventually New Books.

Change item record to say "[Library] and other libraries"

On Advanced Search page change "words or phrase" to "words anywhere"

Remove Google from Left and Right menus on item and catalog record screens

"Categories" are from LC classifications of items retrieved. "Try these too" are from subject authority file including broader and narrower headings. Keep both of the above. Keep x-refs at top as well these are from unexpanded cross ref list.

"Try these Subject Headings too" will be changed to appear above "You found titles in categories." If "Try these too" is only for subjects (not author for example) change heading to read "Try these Subject Headings too"

Remove "Nearby items on shelf."

"Research Resources" with link to the page on RUL homepage should replace "Research Guides"

SIRSI logo and copyright notice will be removed from all but initial page.

"Place academic reserve request" option will be removed from Reserve Desk.

List of reserve desks will be cleaned up so that each listing is distinct (there are currently 2 listings for Dana Library Media Reserve and 2 listings for Mathematical Sciences Library Reserve).

"Match on" pull-down on Advanced Search page and Search Again sections of pages will be retained as is.

Login within IRIS is possible but Bob still needs to investigate it extensively

On Monday 3/21 Stephanie will announce to RUL_everyone the availability of the test catalog for comments.

Test catalog will have link in Library Info box to send comments to RUL_IPAC@email.rutgers.edu

Next meeting is scheduled for March 31 at 1:30 p.m.

Theo Haynes, March 2005 recorder
Revised 3/31/2005

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_05_03_17.shtml
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