Minutes of June 16, 2005 Meeting

Bartz (chair); Borisovets, Calhoun (recorder), Haynes, Shepard, Warwick

Minutes of 4/21 were approved. Stephanie will post.

Membership – Vib is returning in July; we thanked Theo for her contributions while filling in for Vib for the first half of the year; Stephanie will chair through August when we will meet with AUL Jeanne Boyle for discussion.

Feedback review:
SIRSI developed its own list of category headings based on LC classes. This exists as a file which Bob will share with group.

Harry needs screen captures of old IRIS for RUL pages. Theo will send him some.

Leave IRIS guide where it is.

Leave arrows in page browse as they are.

Increase height of menu black and gray navigation bars.

In style sheets, all links to be bold and lighter blue, libraries to to bold and black.

Why so much room between details and mark?

Move date to line above owned by, left justified.

Font size=11 point?? Font for non-links in detail record to be same as link text. Labels to stay as they are.

Subject line for email? Bob will investigate.

Not possible to force choose and search without an error message.

Need quotes to search phrases in "words anywhere".

"THE" should be omitted in title phrase search, but bib records that are not encoded properly will return false results. Is there a global fix for initial articles?

LC table of contents are 505 fields.

Hyphen is indexed—can tell because displays in browse list alternate title with space instead of dash.

Bob is working on getting course reserves list numbered. Codes are not being passed.

Search preferences for session can be set with initial login. Bob will investigate if it can be done without individual login.

Put "click here to view" in front of requests/library messages button.

Sam is working on quick search feature on the web page.

Can only sort in advanced search, prior to search. Sort has 2000 hit limit; will not sort any if this many hits are returned.

Have full access to the catalog but no browse indexes in text browsers. Java script is required for all indexes.

Stephanie will ask Judy Gardner if the removal of the ILL button has made a difference.

Multiple copies only display on 1 line – compressed – so holds do not display. Bob is working on it. System is displaying a summary statement of items and not individual item displays.

Change deliver/recall book and request article/other at bottom of form to "submit" button.

Must mark all records individually, related to session not the search. Can review and edit at the end.

Put browser requirement message on basic search page; WAC will put on web page and Natalie will do an IRIS FAQ.

Linking to e-reserves tutorial: Tutorial will be put in context sensitive help and the IRIS Guide. IPAC will look into putting a general help button on the right for all search pages.

Stephanie asked for feedback for the annual report – will base on semiannual report and include iLink info.

Meeting schedule was set for upcoming semester. Stephanie will post to staff calendar.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_05_06_16.shtml
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