Minutes of July 21, 2005 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Bob Warwick (recorder)
Vibiana Bowman, John Shepard

1) Minutes

Minutes from the June 16, 2005 meeting were approved with minor corrections. Ellen will send the corrected minutes to Stephanie for distribution.

We discussed the time frame for committee minutes in light of the renewed interest in timely communication within the libraries. We will try to post draft minutes sooner and get them approved by e-mail. Our goal will be to get the minutes from one meeting approved and posted before the next meeting. We also felt that there was no need for an 'Outcomes' statement in our agendas and meeting summaries.

2) RUL Group Questionnaire Form

As instructed in the 'RUL Group Questionnaire Form' we discussed the questions and completed the form as a group.

During this process we reviewed the committee charge. We felt that the charge is still generally true but we do have a few small recommendations for changes (such as changing 'WebCat' references 'iLink') that we will forward to Jeanne Boyle.

3) Continuing Review of iLink

Bob distributed hard copies of two iLink implementation spreadsheets ('Initial iLink Implementation' and 'iLink Implementation - Summer Updates') which indicates the decisions and changes that we made in implementing iLink. Bob will send electronic copies of the two spreadsheets to Stephanie for inclusion with various reports. Bob asked the committee members to review the spreadsheets and to get back to him with any corrections or additions that should be made.

We reviewed the look and feel of some of the new changes that Bob put in the test system.

We then reviewed the additional feedback that we received either directly or through the Ask A Librarian service since our last meeting.

Stephanie wrote to Judy Gardner about what kind of ILL statistics she could provide about how many ILLs get rejected because Rutgers owns the material. Judy does keep some figures that might be useful but it is too soon for us to get a sense from those figure of whether the rejection numbers have declined since we removed the ILL button from prominence within IRIS. We can ask Judy again in the future.

There is still an occasional hitlist record display problem where some entries are moved all the way to the right table cell instead of being left aligned with the other entries. Several of us have experienced this problem but have not been able to replicate it consistently which makes it difficult to diagnose or report. We determined that the problem seems to appear only when using the Netscape 7.0 browser and, therefore, will change the recommended browse text for Netscape to be 'Netscape 7.1 or higher' rather than the current 'Netscape 7.x or higher.'

We discussed the initial article indexing problem with titles on the old MRQ brief records (old brief records that migrated from Geac into Unicorn) that lack indicators. In theory, these 'temporary' records were going to be cleaned up in recon projects but those recon projects have not materialized yet so the records as still problems. Bob will find out how many MRQ records have titles that begin with articles but lack filing indicators. We will then send something to Jeanne Boyle about the problem and our concern that the cleanup is not being addressed. Our hope is that these records can then get back on track for recon.

We briefly discussed the 'bookbag' feature asked for in an AAL question. We will return to this at a future meeting.

Sam McDonald is close to having the IRIS 'Quick Search' option ready to go back on the library web page. This should be done soon.

Stephanie reviewed a few of the planned iLink changes that we can expect in upcoming Unicorn upgrades (versions GL3.0 later this year and GL3.1 early next year). These are highlights and excepts from the fuller list of changes and features discussed by Chris Sterback at the last LIS meeting. The fuller list is available in the LIS minutes. We will discuss these changes and features in more detail as we get closer to the corresponding upgrades.

We need to freeze our summer iLink changes soon so that people will have time to update any documentation that includes IRIS screen captures where those screens may have changed or instructions that may have changed. We anticipate freezing the test system changes at the end of the first week in August so people can review what will be different and then moving the summer changes into the production system as soon as summer session ends in mid-August. We will be sending an announcement to rul_everyone with this information when the changes are frozen.

4) Record display formats

We will wait until John is with us to discuss the record display formats for MUSIC and SCORES records.

5) Annual report

We reviewed the committee's annual report that Stephanie prepared. It looks good. Stephanie will send it to Jeanne Boyle.

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