Minutes of August 18, 2005 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (Chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, John Shepard (recorder), Bob Warwick, and Jeanne Boyle.

The meeting was called to order shortly after 1:30 p.m. The agenda was approved and the minutes of the 21 July 2005 meeting were approved.

1. Membership, leadership, and the charge.

Everyone agreed that the charge (posted at the committee's pages of the RUL website) is still relevant and does not require revision except to make it more general by removing references to specific vendors and software. There was also general assent for Stephanie Bartz's continuing as Chair.

Discussion turned to the committee's membership, and whether it is representative of both users and developers of IRIS within RUL. Bob Warwick, who represents both Systems and Technical Services, said that current representation by reference librarians on the committee is valuable. Jeanne Boyle asked if the committee is the right size. It was observed that the current membership of the committee was sufficient given the large amount of IRIS user feedback it receives and addresses. When it was suggested that staff should be represented on the committee, it was pointed out that most staff use WorkFlows instead of IRIS. Bob Warwick asked about representation of staff who work with reserves and Access Services; Jeanne Boyle observed that Stephanie Bartz serves on the LIS committee with Judy Gardner, and so brings that broader perspective to IPAC. Jeanne expressed satisfaction that IPAC is stable and successful and that its work will continue. A discussion of the RUL committees questionnaire ensued.

2. Continuing review of iLink.

Bob Warwick passed around copies of a new spreadsheet of changes to be made and those already implemented. He said that he had handled a lot of little changes which the committee agreed should be implemented in response to user feedback: the labels in the detailed catalog citations--for copy, sublocation, status, and number of holds--have been put back; and the action box is back on the right side of the screen with a static size (15% of the citation area). It was noted that because of these and other adjustments, the "details" and "mark" buttons in the search results lists have re-oriented in a satisfactory manner.

The committee decided to put other changes into production:

A number of other very small changes (spellings, etc.) were to be implemented.

Bob Warwick reported that "Quick Search" of IRIS has been implemented at the RUL website. In response to a plea for a "Quick Search" for reserves, the committee decided that the "Find Reserves" link in the left-hand menu at the RUL website was sufficient (this in light of the fact that implementing Quick Search in reserves would be very difficult). Bob Warwick also said that there is a need for the option of providing a subject line for e-mailed item reports from IRIS; he is looking into this, but this feature will not be ready for the fall semester.

Bob Warwick said that he is going to other institutions to find ways of generating new books lists, and to investigate broadcast searching. Jeanne Boyle suggested an IRIS option for broadcast searching of PALCI, adding a "search in PALCI" button on the side of the search results screen. She also reported that testing was under way for SIRSI participation in RefWorks [personal online database and bibliography creator].

Stephanie asked the committee to set priorities for IRIS development. The committee agreed upon

While the option of users' ability to view search history was seen as desirable, it was decided to put that initiative on hold in favor of the above efforts.

Natalie Borisovets said that the "marked items" button does not appear in the results list in call number browsing, although the option of marking items does appear in the detailed citation records. The committee decided that the "marked items" button should added on every screen of a call number browse result.

3. Record display formats.

The most pertinent information should be displayed in the default citation display format. All record display formats have been fine tuned, except those for printed music, recorded sound, and visual materials. John Shepard agreed to work with Mary Beth Weber in recommending default record displays for printed music and recorded sound and to report at the 22 September meeting of IPAC.

4. Information sharing.

Apparently there is a fix for titles which are filed under initial article (e.g., "The Aftersata"). Bob Warwick will follow up with Mary Beth Weber about this.

With the error report function in IRIS, the committee will ask Mary Beth Weber if the original message could be included with the reply, if a reply is requested.

The Daniel Boone Regional Library (http://catalog.dbrl.org) has a SpelChek program for its OPAC.

The Cataloging Policy and Support Office at the Library of Congress is considering adding dates to personal name headings that currently lack them. Bob Warwick said that this was partly in response to requests for closing death dates for name headings for 20th-century authors.

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