Minutes of January 19, 2006 Meeting

Bartz (chair), Borisovets, Calhoun (recorder), Shepard, Sun, Warwick

1) Stephanie's draft of mid-year report was approved with minor changes.

2) Bob added the 260 and 261 fields to the visual materials default display; 511 and 538 will also be added; 508 will be removed; 246 will not be added. [The 261 will be removed based on a prior recommendation from Mary Beth Weber]

3) Searching uniform titles in the music files brought forth anomalies needing further investigation, including use of quotes and phrase searching.

4) No new developments in major projects, but Bob will continue to work on previously identified fixes. Systems is looking at moving the test catalog to another server to support the upgraded system. No changes are planned for IRIS for spring break. Bob needs to give WAC (Sam) a URL to add the call number search feature to the quick search page.

5) In response to feedback, the committee agreed to replace “OK” with "CONTINUE", making it bigger and bolder and more obviously clickable. The "OK" appears on action confirmation pages, such as the request confirmation page. The committee decided against linking to sublocation definitions, preferring to use the IRIS guide or the help screen for this information. The new book list is still on the to-do list.

6) Directors station has been upgraded. Systems is still verifying the integrity of the data. Training for bibliographers is anticipated for spring semester. A 9-digit replacement number for the RU ID will take the place of social security numbers as of February. Barcodes are 13 digits so should not be confused with the new ID numbers. WAC voted not to add "MY ACCOUNT" to the main library page black bar. SIRSI has been notified of the "internal undefined search error" problem.

Next meeting February 16, 2006
Next recorder: Bowman, Shepard

Submitted 1/20/06 EC

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_06_01_19.shtml
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