Minutes of January 19, 2007 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets (recorder), Ellen Calhoun, John Shepard, Li Sun, Bob Warwick
Vibiana Bowman

1. "In Progress/Under Investigation" IRIS issues

  1. Records that index initial articles
    • Needs to be dealt with, but resolution has to come from Cataloging
    • "the" is the major problem; not as many "an" records.
    • Don't have a number for how many records involved; Bob will find number of potential problem records; we'll refer the issue to Cataloging.
  2. Linking to the E-Reserve flash tutorial
    • Original suggestion came from WAC
    • Not sure that the tutorial is still maintained
    • Remove this from the "to do" list
  3. Resetting session defaults
    • Not sure what intent of this was
  4. Add broadcast request into PALCI
    • Not yet successful in getting broadcast feature to work anywhere.
  5. Update sublocation menu to eliminate defunct locations.
    • Still waiting to hear from Mary Beth.
  6. Turn on user-initiated Media Bookings in test system.
    • Bob will turn on.
  7. Fix the Search Again option that appears at the bottom of the search results. Priority item
    • Still an issue; this was not fixed with 3.1
    • Option should be removed from the catalog until fixed.
  8. Redirect IRIS link (on RUL site) and the "New Search" button in IRIS to "Basic Search." Priority item
  9. Add Next/Previous buttons to the bottom of Reserve results and fix numbering. Priority item
    • Bob almost has working.
  10. Replace "OK" which appears on action confirmation pages with "Continue," making it bigger, bolder, and more obviously clickable. Priority item
  11. Investigate NetID login for IRIS. Priority item
    • Choice at front screen?
    • Can it automatically do an IP check and offer a login option only if coming from off-campus and not proxied?

2. Other requests

Using Director's Station to create new books lists:
Is there a way to get a list of those items which been given an "In Library" status for the first time in the last two months?
No-this a field that only appears in the transaction log. Past home location is never indicated.

Marked items button
The "Marked Items" button currently only appears on hit browse lists. Add to all pages.

3. Upgrade issues

Not all upper-case headings converted to mixed case headings in the upgrade.

4. Mid-Year Report items:

  1. Worked with Judy and ASC on "My Account."
  2. Revised IRIS guide
  3. Incorporated "Ref Works" information/links into IRIS.
  4. Reviewed and signed-off on GL3.1.
  5. Looked at other institutions' implementation of I-Link features.
  6. Reviewed current and potential implementation lists and updates.
  7. Reviewed "zero-hit" and other Director Station reports in light of the potential application of this information by IPAC.

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