Minutes of November 6, 2007 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets (recorder), Ellen Calhoun, Bob Warwick
Vibiana Bowman, John Shepard, Li Sun

1. 580 Tag

Field used as a free-text note to express a complex relationship when that relationship is not adequately expressed through the data in the linking entry fields 76X and 78X.

Bob has checked for occurrence. It is used almost exclusively in the Serials file so display can be turned on for other formats without widespread effect.

Only indexed in keyword.


2. Inclusion of Table of Contents in Title Keyword Searching

Items cataloged since 1990 that have a 505 tag with a subfield “t” index tables of contents.

Have had a request that indexing be turned off as the results can be confusing to users.

Have discussed this issue previously; decision has been that the advantages of having these index and display outweigh the disadvantages. And since we no longer receive BNA records, not many new records of this type are being added to the catalog.


3. New Books Test Report

Bob has begun the markup; coding not yet complete.

Vibiana and Natalie will send Bob urls of some good sites that have set up New Books lists.

4. Film Release Dates

Original release dates of motion pictures are not part of the basic bibliographic record; they are in a 500 note which is not set to display.

Since the 500 field can contain all kinds of extraneous information and a record may have multiple 500 fields, displaying them is not viable.

5. Secondary Subjects

Question as to why these are displaying.

We can only display at the tag level, not the indicator level. So we can’t cut these off without losing the tag level display.

6. Call Number Searching

Question as to why the Book Delivery/Recall buttons don’t display in the results.

The results list is really a browse list and not a hit list. Therefore there is no connection to a specific record until you click on “Details.”

7. “Recently Viewed” Link Colors

Can the system be set so that recently viewed record links display in a different color?

Previously requested; no progress.

8. IRIS Quick Search

Choong is working on a new version of the Quick Search option, changing the script from Java to Perl. This would enable Quick Search to be added to MyRutgers and would also allow users to hit enter rather than have to click on the Search button to submit a search.

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