Minutes of January 17, 2008 Meeting

Bob Warwick, Li Sun, John Shepard, Ellen Calhoun (recorder), Stephanie Bartz (chair), Vibiana Bowman (remote), Natalie Borisovets

New Books

It was noted that Chemistry, Physics, Alcohol Studies, Media, and Music libraries at RUL are currently doing manual lists of new books. The most work in producing a new book list for RUL will be in the development; maintenance should be minimal once the list is in place.

IPAC looked at sample sites. Most new book lists are pages on the library's web site, and not within the library catalog. Also, most are just title lists, with clicks into the catalog. For example, the University of New South Wales has new book alerts, a page outside the catalog with subject heading categories, and a title list clickable to the catalog entry. See


Ball State University was chosen as the sample to follow in our own development. See

It includes links to new books by discipline, or subject categories, as well as links to specialized collections. Bob will work up a demo based on general organization of the Ball State model. Link to the full record will be done through the cat key. Columns will be similar to IRIS, with brief record display (fields 100, 245, 260, plus call number and library loc). Need to test to see if we should include call numbers for multiple owning libraries. Bob will develop in the test system, using criteria determined at previous meetings.

Item Types in IRIS

Committee looked at the test catalog and discussed changes in the display. Bob will suppress the "copy" column, as it may not be needed. If the home loc is the same as current loc, "in library" displays as status. In production, the current comparison is between item type and current loc. Spaces between column labels will be changed for better effect. And "Type-Circulate ?" will be used as the label for item type.

Free Floating Subject Subdivisions

Geographical subdivisions of subject headings are hierarchical: state level, then city level. The subject browse index rotates subject headings at every hierarchical level. This returns more options to the patron. Question was raised whether a subject phrase search should go to a hit list instead. See "redlining" (discrimination in mortgage loans) as an example. Bob will investigate.


Records can be shadowed at three levels: title, call number, item. Records that are completely shadowed only display in a keyword search in Workflows. Browse only searches non-shadowed entries in Workflows. IRIS, public web cat, only searches non-shadowed records.

There is no LIS meeting scheduled for the month of January 2008. Next IPAC meeting will be February 21st, 1:30 in ALEX 3rd floor conference room.
Next recorder: Shepard, Sun

Submitted 2/14/2008
E.Calhoun, recorder

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