Minutes of April 17, 2008 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair & recorder), Vibiana Bowman (remote), Ellen Calhoun, John Shepard, Li Sun, Bob Warwick
Natalie Borisovets

1. New books list

Bob provided a breakdown of the numbers of records in each of the 4 “new books” categories for the months of January through March 2008.

 Jan. 2008Feb. 2008Mar.2008
LC classed331632623493
SuDoc classed468339309

Titles may appear on more than one list if there are copies that fit more than one of the categories. Bob will collect data for a full year as an aid in determining whether lists should be created monthly or every two weeks. Each list is based on catalog date, so Bob will also check what kinds of records load with the catalog date already set.

After a review of the sample LC classed list that Bob has created, the decision was made not to include materials from related libraries such as Hungarian. A decision will also need to be made on whether lists should be archived and for how long. It was suggested that current month plus one month, or current semester would be sufficient. Bob will create sample pages for the remaining 3 categories of new materials. The hope is to have the “new books” pages live on the website for the fall semester.

2. Item types

A majority of the records in the test catalog have been updated to display item type along with sub-location and status. Some old records, including those that had charges and bills were cleaned up in the process. Search pages and other IRIS components that will need to change with item type implementation still need to be developed.

3. Feedback/new features

In response to several recent inquiries about the list of sub-locations, it was suggested that a direct link to the IRIS Guide be added to the quick search page on the library website. IPAC agreed with the recommendation. Stephanie will contact Sam McDonald and WAC.

4. Information Exchange

Next meeting

May 15, 2008, 1:30 p.m., University Librarian’s Conference Room

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