Minutes of September 18, 2008 Meeting

S Bartz, B Warwick, E Calhoun, Li Sun, T Haynes (remote)
J Shepard, N Borisovets


  1. New books list (establishing standard headings)
  2. Symphony 3.2.1
  3. Feedback (including review of SCILS usability study as it pertains to IRIS)
  4. Information sharing
  5. Next meeting

1) New Book List: sample new book files are monthly based on cataloged date. The SuDoc list is in class order. The status link from the new book list will open a new window in IRIS. We could have separate new book lists by discipline, or one long list which would not be as flexible. We decided to try very broad categories based on LC classes at first - i.e. A, B, C, D, etc. Bob will do a breakdown of call numbers, by counts, for the months of last year, in Directors Station for analysis. He will share this report with IPAC for the next meeting. He will also do a SuDoc, alphanumeric and electronic pages report. There is no consistent field for the e-list to categorize, so that will be in title order.

2) Symphony 3.2.1 is the next upgrade to SIRSI - the first upgrade under the Oracle system, and the first time an upgrade will be done with the test and production systems on the same server. Should be in test within two weeks; in production the first week of January. Release notes are on the staff resources page - look at both the 3.2 final versions, and the 3.2.1 notes. See especially the e-library section. Customized pages, currently in Rev.C, will be redone in Rev.D to take advantage of new features.

3) Reviewed comments from the SCILS usability study pertaining to IRIS. Most comments were positive. Comments included: moving the RUL button up so it displays on the initial search screen; redefining the "access denied" error message to something meaningful (Stephanie will see what IPAC already has suggested); provide context sensitive help in the IRIS guide for the Reserve module, especially how to fill out the forms. Stephanie will work on this.

User Services Council had suggested once again that the linking between 780 and 785 fields be activated. IPAC has looked at this before - the links do not work as expected. Hypertext does index searching, which is not set by fields but overall for the catalog. The linking feature is activated in the test catalog.

Stephanie will investigate and revise our old list of pending changes. For example, changing the "ok" message.

Bob will investigate linking to Google books from IRIS.

No feedback received about item type and lack of copy in the public web cat. No news is good news.

Lucien is selling a spell-check information product for i-Link. See jaunter.com

4) John is leaving the committee - Stephanie will ask Valeda for a replacement.

OLE - open library environment, spearheaded by Duke, funded by Mellon, is a next generation system. Rutgers is a participant in developing the specs. Chris Sterback and Judy Gardner are on the team.

User initiated bookings for MEDIA within IRIS is active in the test system.

Cataloging has asked if we could have FRBR as an add-on product in the test catalog. Cataloging team would like to test the functional requirements for bibliographic records and the unified display for multiple editions/formats.

5) Next meeting Oct. 16, 2008

Recorder: Haynes, backup: Sun

Submitted 10/13/2008
E.Calhoun, recorder per diem

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