Minutes of April 16, 2009 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun (recorder), Theo Haynes, Bob Warwick, Li Sun
Sara Harrington

Minutes from the February 2009 meeting were approved.

Regarding the new book list, “This Just In” – xx call numbers with an “in library” status are problems, often due to the wrong class scheme. Titles with a pending status are most likely MARCIVE records. Use the error report in IRIS to report problems.

IPAC members discussed synchronizing the lists of library names in IRIS. The structure used in the basic, advanced, and call number search options will be used in the Book special request, Book delivery request, Media Booking form, EZ Borrow pickup locations, and ILL book delivery lists to the extent possible. Stephanie will ask Jane Sloan to look at the Media lists, and Judy Gardner to look at the ILL and EZ Borrow lists, after Bob Warwick has synchronized the other lists. The lists are generated from the library policy table. The policy name value is limited to 10 characters, all caps. The policy description is limited to 60 characters of free text.

Symphony 3.2.1 Rev. D will be ready for IPAC review at the next meeting. Bob has looked at the structure in the test catalog and made some small changes. He is comparing the production catalog to the test catalog to reflect our former display preferences, and has a spreadsheet of the former changes to help in recustomization.

Bob will put reciprocal clickable buttons linking the book delivery, book special request forms and article delivery in the test system. He will remove the in process and pending phrasing on the book special request form.

The Reserves Group has asked Bob to look at the 9200 course names, and remove those names with zero reserves attached. A subgroup will look at standardization of course names, with values for years included. The Access Services calendar will then include a set purge for courses without reserves.

The GOBI loader program has been adjusted to accommodate different ISBN numbers in orders.

The IRIS guide gets 800-3000 hits each month.

The new book list is generated on the 15th of each month. Question for WAC – can the month be added to the front page. Stephanie will talk to Sam about the possibilities.

Next meeting: 5/28/2009; Recorder: Harrington, Haynes

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