Minutes of June 18, 2009 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Sara Harrington, Theo Haynes (remotely from Robeson and recorder), Li Sun, Bob Warwick

1. Symphony 3.2.1 - Rev.D

No progress as the Test system was down and B Warwick was out for several days of vacation since the last meeting.

2. Feedback/requests for changes

a. Book Special Request form-- Changes discussed at the last meeting are not yet in place because the test system has been unavailable.

b. Title keyword searching – An AAL question was forwarded about why the words Limits to Capital searched as Title Keyword brought up 3 pages of items before the one published in 1982 with the specific title, which is what the user had been looking for. This result is the consequence of having chapter titles indexed as titles and searched as blocks rather than as individual distinct titles. Because of tagging limitations searching chapter titles as a block is the only option. IPAC decided that of the possible options the current decision to index chapter titles as a title field was the best of the options available.

c. Call number search – When these are done why is a Book Delivery/Recall button not available if the status of the book is In Process? B. Warwick pointed out that the Book Delivery / Recall button is never available on a record found doing a Call Number search, because the process is actually a browse search. As a result only a link to a call number is possible. IRIS cannot link to the item level record, and hence the record will not include a Book Delivery / Recall button, although Book Special Request and Article Request buttons do appear since they link to forms outside of IRIS which don’t need the item level record. B. Warwick will look again to make sure this lack of Book Delivery/Recall button still cannot be fixed.

d. Text messaging call numbers --Information about sending call numbers from the ANTPAC catalog at UCI Libraries was forwarded to IPAC. The committee has looked at the possibility of sending information from IRIS to cell phones, and it remains on the list of features to investigate when more pressing tasks have been completed.

3. Information sharing

a. Sam prepared demo pages for the This Just In… pages with the changes IPAC requested at the May meeting. The committee approved the demo so they will be posted.

b. The syncing of library location name lists is proceeding. The Media Materials - Booking Form list has been adjusted to show the library names as they appear in IRIS. IPAC is still waiting for a response from Judy Gardner about the EZBorrow and Interlibrary Loan lists.

c. Reserves sub-group has responded favorably to IPAC’s concern about the inconsistency in listings of course names in the reserves module. All courses with no reserves currently attached have been purged (paring the list from 9200+ to about 200), and starting with Fall 2009 reserves, course names will be entered in full, to eliminate the problems caused by inconsistent abbreviation of these names.

d. LDAP – has been installed in the test system. Progress on this is on the timetable expected.

e. A list of comments related to IRIS from the Ethnography Project will be forwarded to IPAC when prepared.

4. Items for the Annual Report

S. Bartz will be reviewing 2008-2009 minutes for items to include in IPAC's annual report. Committee members were also asked to forward suggestions for inclusion in the report.

The next IPAC meeting will take place on Thursday, July 16, 2009

Respectfully submitted,
Theo Haynes

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