Minutes of September 17, 2009 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (Chair), Natalie Borisovets (Recorder), Ellen Calhoun, Theo Haynes, Li Sun, Bob Warwick
Sara Harrington

1. Comments from the Ethnographic Survey

Most of the comments that pertain to IRIS have to do with the internal workings of the system rather than its relation to the website. Some of these IPAC will discuss at a future meeting; some may be features that we may wish to look for when investigating an interface for the OLE catalog.

Recommendations to WAC:

IPAC felt that the alternative solution—switching the selection order—would not only address the users request but could alleviate some other issues as well. For example, if the order were to be:
Search Type pull-down menu/Library/search terms
not only would the text box –and the ability to hit Enter—be the last option, but putting the Search Type first might encourage more users to do more focused searches. Since we don’t necessarily wish to encourage users to limit their search to one library, another option would be:
Search Type pull-down menu/search terms/Library
Stephanie will ask Sam to set up a mock page to test before a final recommendation is made.
For consistency, if the selection order is switched on the web page, it can also be switched within IRIS.

2. Rev. D

Not a lot of progress. Since we’re still working on getting LDAP to work with MyAccount, the test catalog is still Rev. C.

3. Symphony 3.3

Should be in the test catalog the first or second week of October. This is the last version that will have any improvements in Rev. C.

3.3 Release Notes—Some Interesting Features:

IPAC will start looking at 3.3 in October.

4. VALE Open Library System

Stephanie has contacted the VALE OLS group about IPAC’s willingness to participate in the investigation and selection of the discovery level (public interface) for the VALE OLS. Based on the response, this is not something that is being actively pursued at the moment.

Since we may wish to select and implement a front-end that would be used in place of the Sirsi eLibrary prior to the VALE OLS switch, IPAC will begin looking at options independently; members should do some preliminary investigation prior to the next meeting.

5. Feedback

Two requests have been received:

It was agreed that "Rutgers System-wide Electronic Resources" as a library name in IRIS should be changed to "Rutgers Digital Library" to match the way it's listed on the Libraries website.

6. Information Sharing

Reviewed the organization of the Drupal subject lists. Would prefer some other terminology to "Primary," "Secondary," "Tertiary."

7. Next Meeting:

Thursday, October 15, 1:30 pm

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