Minutes of the October 15, 2009 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Sara Harrington, Theo Haynes (remote), Li Sun (recorder), Bob Warwick
Ellen Calhoun

1. New version of Quick Search

a. At the request of IPAC, Sam McDonald created several new versions of the IRIS Quick Search page. The intent is to provide a minimum of instruction, encourage users to change the WORDS anywhere default to whatever is appropriate to their search, and to allow users to hit the enter key (instead of clicking on the search button) after having selected a search type and entered search terms. The organization and wording of Version 2b is preferred by the group:

b. It was decided that changing the Basic Search page to match might cause more problems for users than it would solve, so that page will remain as is for now.

c. Stephanie will draft an email to explain the forthcoming change and the reasons for it. The email will be sent to RUL_everyone with a set time limit for feedback before the new version of Quick Search is implemented.

2. Update on test catalog, Symphony 3.3, etc.

The test catalog has not yet been upgraded to Symphony 3.3 so testing and further development is on hold.

3. Page changes to accommodate NetID Login (also IRIS Guide)

a. NetID login will likely be implemented in IRIS for the spring semester. Book Delivery/Recall, Book Special Request, and My Account will use NetID login instead of Barcode and PIN. If users do not have a NetID, they will be sent to the existing login pages where they will still be able to use barcode and PIN. About five pages, plus the IRIS Guide and context sensitive help, will need to be changed.

b. The suggestion was made that E-ZBorrow login should also be changed to NetID. The suggestion will be referred to Judy Gardner.

4. Public Catalog interface

Each of the committee members is assigned to research an open source discovery layer product and gather information about it. This should include finding libraries that use the interface, testing their catalogs, making notes of good and bad features, and listing requirements that we have that the interface lacks.

The VALE OLS group looked extensively at Evergreen so IPAC will concentrate on other options for now: Blacklight (Sara), eXtensible (Natalie), Koha (Theo), NewGenLib (Stephanie), OPALS (Bob), OpenBiblio (Li), and VuFind (Ellen).

5. Director of Information Technology candidate

Sara Harrington will represent IPAC at lunch with the candidate on Nov. 6, 2009.

6. Information sharing

7. Next year meeting dates

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