Minutes of the March 18, 2010 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair & recorder), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Sara Harrington, Bob Warwick
Theo Haynes, Li Sun

1. Symphony 3.3.1

2. Media booking button

Bob has begun work on developing a context sensitive Media Booking button that will appear on any record that has an item at a "media desk." The Book Delivery/Recall button will need to be suppressed on those records where all items are at a "media desk" since Book Delivery/Recall is not an option in such cases. The tentative label for the new button will be "Media Booking" and it will appear first in the button list at the right of any detail record for which it's appropriate.

3. Book Delivery/Recall page

The existing Book Delivery/Recall page was compared to the revised version in the test system and a third version drafted by Stephanie. After some discussion, the group agreed on the following text and arrangement:

Book Delivery


To request:

See Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS) for more information

Stephanie will send a revised draft to the group and Bob will put it in the test system for final review.

4. IRIS feedback

There have been two recent messages sent to IPAC about the fact that the Book Delivery/Recall button does not appear as an option when a record is retrieved via a call number search. This has been a known problem for some time. Bob will investigate further to see whether it's possible to get the button to display.

5. Developing a checklist for testing software updates

IPAC needs to develop a checklist of items to be routinely tested with each catalog software update. Since the IRIS Guide gives instructions on how IRIS should work, it was decided that this should be the basis for testing. Each IPAC member will be responsible for checking the instructions in a specified section of the guide in order to determine whether IRIS does what the guide says it does. This should identify problems with the catalog while also helping to keep the guide and context sensitive help updated. Stephanie will work on splitting up the guide so that everyone has a piece to work on. The committee will do a test of the live catalog in order to document the testing procedure.

6. Information Sharing

7. Next meeting

April 15, 1:30 p.m., University Librarian's Conference Room

3/18/2010sb, revised 3/23/2010

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