Minutes of the June 17, 2010 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Ellen Calhoun (recorder), Sara Harrington, Theo Haynes, Tibor Purger (guest), Li Sun, Bob Warwick
Natalie Borisovets

1) NetID in IRIS: At the recommendation of the NetID/LDAP Working Group, the test catalog has been set to reflect a switch from point of need login to initial login which persists throughout the session. Session timeout remains 20 minutes. IPAC agreed to support front end login when it's presented to USC for consideration. The old URL for the test catalog is not a secure login. Use the new URL for secure login, see https://www.testIRIS.rutgers.edu/cgi-bin/webcat. We will need to redesign the quick search page to reflect login options (netted or guest).

2) Book delivery/recall page should coordinate with the Book special request page. Stephanie will prepare a draft of the Book Special Request page based on the changes to the Book Delivery/Recall page that have already been discussed.

3) Symphony 3.1, Rev. D: Bob will redo existing customization while IPAC looks at the new features in the release notes.

4) IRIS feedback:

a. For context sensitive delivery, RDS indicates PER-Y should not show article delivery option.

b. USC has requested that 260s in serial records not display in the default display in IRIS. Bob will put this in the test system.

c. Instructions for perm-a-linking to IRIS records based on title control numbers are available at http://alexref.rutgers.edu/iris_permalink/. A more accurate link can be created using the cat key# {ckey} in the URL.

5) IRIS guide - make sure your samples work in the test catalog. Underlined items in the guide are live links.

6) Review of goals: Assess the usage of "This just inů" will be carried over to the new fiscal year. Implementing changes is in progress; review of the feedback from the ethnographic study was completed but reviewing feedback from other sources is ongoing.

7) Information sharing:

a. SB emailed Jane Sloan about changes in the Media booking form and will send a follow-up email.

b. Waiting for a response from Acquisitions about the 037 field, source of acquisitions, and whether it should be indexed. Li will follow-up.

c. A new committee, Web board, may incorporate IPAC functions as a project team.

d. The Mobile Devices task force report has a section on IRIS.

Next meeting 7/15 will be rescheduled to 7/22 at 1:30.

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