Minutes of the August 19, 2010 Meeting

Bartz [Chair], Borisovets [Recorder], Calhoun, Harrington, Haynes, Purger [Guest], Sun, Warwick

1. Rev. D and NetID in IRIS

a. NetID Login

Quick Search: There is a recommendation that the Quick Search page be left as is. A quick search would then take the user to the log in page. The search would be executed once the user logs in/enters as a guest. This would however mean having to eliminate the other choices (Advanced search, etc.) on the initial page. Decision: Leave as is and see what the user feedback is. Change "Search" button to "Continue" button.

Login Page: Narrow the text box which will make the left box wider enabling the "Log in" button to fully display. Remove the outline box around the text.

Barcode/NetID boxes: Include on same page. Investigate possibility of both barcode and NetID could be recognized in either box.

Login vs. Log In: When used as a verb, use "Log In."

Sara will work on the text for the Log In page.

b. Basic Search page

Bob will increase white space again.
"Other Search:" Bob will round the corners and make the font smaller

c. Hit List

"Details" button: Lost in this upgrade. Not in their design and would be labor-intensive to restore.
"Search Again:" Now seems to be working

d. Permalink

Choosing Permalink from a hit list will create a link that will replicate the search.
Choosing Permalink form an item record will create a link that will link directly to that record.
Won't work if user off-campus and it's an e-resource. Don't turn on unless the problem can be fixed.

e. Marked Records

Can no longer "unmark" everything at once from a hit list.
Can unmark everything from the "Marked Items" page.

f. Item records

On some monitors the buttons in the yellow "actions" box on the right are overlapping.
Bob will unbold the buttons and move them further apart.
Bob will round all the boxes.

g. Advanced Search

Bob will make full screen again.
Bob will try and get rid of the inner box so that everything is in the same box.
The sort limit has been fixed.

h. Call Number Search

Bob will make full screen again.
Unable to mark items from a call number search as in this case the "hit list" is really a browse screen.

i. Book Delivery

Need to work on wording. Stephanie will send Bob the language that we agreed on.
Access Services will begin paging materials available in the pick-up library. That text needs to be revised.
Take out "and/or."
The "buttons" under "Other Options" need to be unbolded.

j. Book Special Request

Section beginning "Non-Circulating…." add a line return after "Newark."
Fix wording on section beginning "For quicker delivery…." – Stephanie will supply.

k. IRIS Guide

Still needs to be revised. Probably can't be done before we go live.

2. Information Sharing

We're still waiting to hear what the membership will be on the new Web Board.

3. Next Meeting

Thursday, September 16th, at 1:30

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_10_08_19.shtml
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