Minutes of the March 17, 2011 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets (recorder), Theo Haynes, Li Sun, Bob Warwick
Ellen Calhoun, Sara Harrington

1. IRIS Guide and Testing Checklist

Stephanie is working on revising the IRIS Guide as a LibGuide. Once she finishes the first pass the IRIS link will go to the LibGuide—the guide won’t be complete but it's more up-to-date than the currently available version.

Everyone should be working on their portion of the testing checklist.

2. Permalinking

Permalinking has been removed from "My Account" in the Test Catalog; Bob still needs to remove the second, non-proxy related, permalink.

Will be turned on in the Production system on Monday, March 21st. Stephanie will draft an announcement and send out tomorrow.

3. Review of Project Chart

  1. "Continue" button is now in Production
  2. All the "My Account" pages are done.
  3. The "Access Control Failure – Access denied" message that users get when they enter their login to My Account incorrectly has been changed to: "Login incorrect. Please try again." Bob will add a "Login Failure" header on the left and this can be moved into Production.
  4. Add to "To Do" list: My Account - Requests page needs more space between the "Status" and the "Pick-up Library" columns.
  5. Under "In Process:" Bob is adding variables to make E-Zborrow more context sensitive. Considers availability and format; will display only if format is book or score. Stephanie will contact Judy to find out whether E-ZBorrow is still limited to books and scores.

4. IRIS Feedback and Fixes

  1. Truncation: The "multiple characters" wildcard (e.g., ?2) is gone, but has been replaced with the use of multiple wildcards (e.g., ??). Stephanie will amend the IRIS Guide and follow-up with the person who reported the problem.
  2. E-Books Searching: Has been a complaint that searching for e-books brings up government documents. No simple fix. Could search "electronic books {655}" but the 655 (form/genre tag) is not routinely added and frequently stripped out. Cataloging would have to agree to add to records.
  3. Copying links out of IRIS. 856 links are no longer copying properly out of IRIS—What is being copied is the record url and not the link url. Bob will investigate.
  4. Mark and Print: If you mark a record and go to print, even if you ask for "Complete" the sublocations will not be printed. This is because the default is set to "RefWorks;" you would need to change output to "Formatted" if you want the sublocations to print.
  5. Print cross-references: There seems to be a problem printing out the full-text of cross-references. "Search Also;" "More Information;" etc. portions appear but do not print. Bob will investigate.
  6. RSS feeds: There was an inquiry about the possibility of RSS feeds from IRIS. Bob thinks it can be done; will put on the "To investigate" list.

5. Information Sharing

  1. Bartz: DIG hasn't discussed persistent links yet
  2. Haynes: John Gibson has fixed the flash eReserves tutorial
  3. A SCI student is working on developing a mobile IRIS app.
  4. VALE discovery layer: there is still no VALE committee looking at this
  5. Warwick: Still have not heard about Symphony 3.31 patch 2, so still can't load 3.4. Would be loaded during the May break at the earliest.

6. Communication

Does IPAC need a Zimbra calendar? Consensus: No
Does IPAC need a Sakai site? Consensus: No

7. Rescheduling May meeting

The May meeting will be rescheduled to either May 9 or May 11. Stephanie will poll the group.

8. Next Meeting

Thursday, April 21st

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