Minutes of the August 18, 2011 Meeting

Bartz (Chair), Borisovets (Recorder), Deodato, Haynes, Otto, Warwick

1. Goals for 2011/12

Bartz distributed draft goals (Appended) for the coming year. Goals were approved and will be forwarded to Mary Fetzer and USC.

2. Testing Checklist

  1. Some progress on individual sections of the checklist.
    All sections are to be completed before the September meeting so that the checklist can be used when the next version of the software is installed.
  2. A patch for 3.3.1 will be going into test next week.
  3. Symphony 3.4 will likely go into the test system in September. The LDAP problem that was reported by other libraries that upgraded turned out to be specific to those libraries rather than native to 3.4.

3. Continuing review of Rev. D/Project Chart

  1. Request for "This Just Inů" page changes have been sent to Sam.
  2. Bob is continuing to work on making the request buttons more context sensitive.
  3. Working on adding cell padding to My Account tables.
  4. Item 4 on the "To Do" list was revised to read "Replace "OPAC" in "Undefined page state" message with "Library Catalog."
  5. Item 5 on the "To Do" list will be broken out into separate lines for each format (e.g., Review default display for SERIAL).
  6. Bob will run the script to check which languages we actually have so that the list of languages on the Advanced Search screen can be brought up to date.

4. Feedback and Fixes

  1. Reviewed Counting Opinion comments relating to Catalog-nothing currently on list that we can fix
  2. Never got feedback on Media booking button in the test catalog. Bob will replace the button in test and Jane Otto will take the issue to the media group.
  3. Reserve records: Bob will add a horizontal bar to separate the bibliographic record from the holdings record.
  4. Future review: Do we want to un-hyperlink 490s? Jane will bring in some examples.

5. Media Survey

Jane Otto is working with Jane Sloan on a media user survey. She will share a draft for comments.

6. Persistent Logins

3.4 will allow for persistent logins.

7. Next Meeting

September 15th at 1:30

Library Catalog Committee (LCC)
Goals, July 2011 - June 2012

Members of IPAC: Stephanie Bartz (Chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Joseph Deodato, Theo Haynes, Jane Otto, Bob Warwick

The activities of the Library Catalog Committee continue to support Strategic Goal I, improving the quality of resources and services that support the advancement of academic excellence at Rutgers. The general work of the committee involves continued maintenance and improvement to the public interface for the Library Catalog. The four activities specified below for AY 2011/2012 are a reflection of that work.


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