Minutes of the September 15, 2011 Meeting

Bartz (Chair), Borisovets, Calhoun (Recorder), Deodato, Haynes, Warwick

1) Minutes of August 18, 2011 meeting approved.

2) Symphony 3.3.1 Patch cluster 2 and Symphony 3.4

Patch Cluster 2 installed last week with some problems, now presumed fixed. 3.4 should load into the text system sometime in September. Reviewed release notes. Persistent login is new, but actually loaded with Patch Cluster 2.

3) Persistent logins

Catalog user guide was updated. User will be disconnected when they log off their PC session. Since the EXIT button closes a session, it will be changed to “End Session”. Bob will work on the idea of a banner to appear on pages when logged in, to remind user to end their session when done.

4) Testing checklist

Some sections need a little more work, but most are done, and will be used in Oct/Nov to test 3.4 upgrade. Will parcel out the 7 pieces of the checklist so you do not use the one you wrote for testing.

5) Continuing review of Rev.D

6) Feedback and fixes

None to report.

7) Information sharing

The Mobile Catalog team needs to have a site ready for the RU page by the end of September. It can be refined later. The LCC is expected to be involved in the review.

8) Next Meeting

Oct. 20, 2:15 in University Librarian's Conference Room

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