Minutes of the November 17, 2011 Meeting

Bartz (chair), Borisovets, Calhoun, Deodato, Haynes (recorder), Otto, Warwick

1. 3.4 Testing

This needs to be completed by Dec 14. Details of any issues encountered during testing should be sent to the committee mailing list as soon as possible. Notifications of completed testing should also be sent to the list so that we can track which areas have been done and where work is still needed.

2. No Exit/Exit Your Account

After discussion of various considerations regarding the Exit button (e.g., the number of ARL/Sirsi libraries that have eliminated the Exit button, general usage, possible effects of eliminating it), the committee decided to 1) eliminate the Exit button and 2) create a Logout (one word) button, background in white, text in Rutgers red, placed on the right end of the gray/gold bar. The button will appear only after a user has logged in to My Account or used one of the request options that requires login.

3. Continuing review of Project Chart

No additional changes since those sent via email following the last meeting.

4. Review of Default Display - VM-FULL (visual media)

Otto shared a document she had prepared with suggestions/recommendations on fields to be included and excluded from the VM-FULL display, Fields Omitted from Default VM-Display, which included conceptual justifications for each. [Attached]

Final decisions are:

5. Feedback and Fixes

6. Information Sharing

7. Next LCC Meeting

December 15, 2011 at 2 p.m. rather than the usual 1:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Theo Haynes

Fields Omitted from Default VM Display

Reasons to omit fields from the default display include 
1.	The field isn't comprehensible (e.g., fixed fields)
2.	The field clutters the display and isn't needed for identification

Reasons to include a field in the default display include:
1. Aids in identification
2. Tells the user why the record was retrieved
3. In the case of media materials, the display is already so long the user may assume 
   s/he is looking at the long display and wouldn't think to ask for a long display, 
   particularly when changing displays is not an intuitive, obvious, or quick option
4. The cataloger has made the decision the data is useful (for the end user, generally), 
   and spends time creating a description that's never seen

Some fields might be subject to removal from even the full display, and possibly deleted 
from bib records, e.g., 691 (234 records) and 699 (18 records).  
This could facilitate record migration to OLS, and could make room for new additions 
to the displays if we've hit our limit?

Other issues with VM records (and in some cases, records for all material types)

Hyperlink 655s.  The Library of Congress has established a new authority file for these terms 
and according to new best practices, they should be added to records for moving images.  
A hyperlink would help users find additional records assigned a particular heading.

Remove hyperlink from 246.  This is a variant title field and users have no need to find 
other records with the same variant title.  When clicked, the display is confusing 
("No other items on this topic.  Continue.")  See example:  Women, war, & peace.  
Also a strange display because the subfield 'i' (note) is hyperlinked.  
The subfield 'i' in the MARC record is meant to be the display constant (field label), 
not appear in conjunction with it.  See example:  Dybuk.  

Remove hyperlink from 490.  This is a transcribed field and if the cataloger has 
chosen to index it, s/he will be required to add a series added entry (830), 
which will appear directly below the 490 and duplicate it.  In general, a transcribed field 
should never be hyperlinked.  See example:  Evolution. Disc 2, Great transformations.

Display 538 as first note.  This field was defined separately from the 500 field so 
that it could be pulled out as the first displayed note.  Currently it displays last.  
538 tells the user the 'disc' mentioned in the physical description is a DVD.

 I recommend we look at candidates for deletion as well as candidates for addition, 
especially if we are reaching limits of fields available for display.  
Some of the fields below may not even appear in the complete display.
1.  Displays now

100	Personal author
 110	Corporate author
 111	Conference author
 130	Uniform title
 240	Uniform title
 245	Title
 250	Edition
 260	Publication info
 261	Film imprint
 300	Physical description
 340	Medium
 400	Series
 410	Series
 411	Series
 440	Series
 490	Series
 800	Series
 810	Series
 811	Series
 830	Series
 840	Series
 505	Contents
 508	Credits
 511	Performers
 520	Abstract
 600	Personal subject
 610	Corporate subject
 611	Conference subject
 630	Title subject
 650	Subject
 651	Subject
 655	Genre index term
 656	Occupation term
 657	Function term
 658	Curriculum term
 690	Local subject
 691	Local subject
 580	Title history note
 700	Personal author
 710	Corporate author
 711	Conference author
 730	Uniform title
 740	Added title
 538	Technical details
 856	Electronic access 
2.  Displays now but candidate for omission pending consultation 
261	Film imprint (22 records; pre-AACR1 Revised and USMARC only)
340	Physical medium (graphic materials)
580	Linking Entry Complexity Note (this is a serials field)
656	Index term-occupation (1507 records; probably used in SC/UA)
657	Index term-function (12 records; probably used in SC/UA)
658	Index term-curriculum objective (not listed in tag count; possibly used in SC/UA)
690	Local subject heading (13262 records; formerly used to provide access by 
	discipline or curricular use; may have had other applications)
691	Local field (234 records)
840	I don't find this has ever been a valid MARC field (14 records)

*Note:  Record counts are for all record types, not just VM.

3.  Not displayed and that's OK

4.  Candidates for addition to VM default display
246	Varying form of title (can explain why record retrieved)
257	Country of producing entity (not yet used [? But 84 records] but would like to if 
        displayed; provides useful information previously not recorded except for 
        archival moving image materials; particularly useful for language and area studies use)
501	With: note (repercussions for bound-withs; see examples Satan in high heels; 
        The wild and the naked)
502 	Dissertations (probably we don't have any yet, but will)
504	Bibliography, etc. (filmographies included here, when special feature)
510	Citation/References (rare but occasionally used to cite film reviews)
518	Date/Time and Place of an Event (IJS performance recordings; "Filmed on 
	location" notes)
521	Target audience note (MPAA rating goes here)
533	Reproduction note (repercussions for dubs; see example Ancestors in the 
546	Language (particularly important note, since so much video is used in language
	and area studies courses)
586	Awards
588	Source of description note (we are just starting to use this according to a new best
practice; most useful for other catalogers; tells users the description is copied or 
derived from another bib record, e.g., description of a streaming video is copied 
from the description of the VHS)
776	Additional physical form entry (new best practices dictate this field be used to
point to a different physical format; see example Medea [electronic resource]; 
this is used more and more for NJVid titles, and indicates the edition to which the 
streaming version corresponds) 

500	Statements of responsibility not eligible for title area or cast/credits notes
Edition and history, for example:
    Original release year; otherwise not visible to user (e.g., 1939 for GWTW)
    Originally released as part of boxed set of films by Pedro Almodovar
    Originally released as a boxed set titled Golden age of television
Physical description 
    Silent with added music track
Accompanying material
Special features
Copyright notice

Nature or form when not evident from the description
Source of title proper (primarily for catalogers)
Variations in title (often incorporated into 246 subfield i 
Parallel titles and other title information
Publication, distribution, etc., and date
Numbers borne by the item

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