Minutes of the February 16, 2012 Meeting

Bartz (Chair), Borisovets, Calhoun (Recorder), Deodato, Haynes, Otto, Warwick
DeFino, Leister, Sun


Discussion of MARC-full

There are appx. 252,000 records with a 590 field – which is local copy specific. After ECCO and PDA notes are cleaned up, the 590 will be added to the default screen (about 12,000 records will remain the 590 in MARC-full). Bob will report on the statistics for records with a 246 variant title, by format and multiple incidence. The 255, 261, 658, 931, 521, and 580 fields will be removed from the default display for MARC-full.

Finalizing VM-full changes

Bob made changes in test system; Jane will recommend tag order display in VM at a future meeting.

Assessing what users want

Natalie, Li, Joseph, and Stephanie are on a USC subcommittee charged with reviewing user comments on the Catalog. They have analyzed the Ethnographic study and will be looking at data from the Counting Opinions survey. A brown bag was suggested to garner additional comments.

Project Chart Review

Bob is working on getting permalinks to work in more places in the test catalog, and reports some additional limiters are now working in the test system. LCC members need to take a look at the test catalog and do some testing.


Information sharing

Next meeting is March 15, during Spring break, in the University Librarian's Conference Room

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