Minutes of the March 15, 2012 Meeting

Bartz (chair); Borisovets (recorder); Calhoun; Deodato; Haynes; Warwick
Sandberg; Teichmann

1. E-ZBorrow Links

Sandberg and Teichmann came to discuss revised criteria for when the E-ZBorrow button should appear in the catalog.

An Access Services subgroup had considered doing away with user-initiated recalls, but had decided against it. However would like to do whatever possible to encourage users to use E-ZBorrow rather than recall a Rutgers copy.

There is already a program in place in the Catalog with parameters that define when the E-ZBorrow option should appear in requests box of an individual record. These parameters can be adjusted based on conditions identified by Access Services. LCC can also work on making the E-ZBorrow choice more obvious.

Conditions for E-ZBorrow Option to Appear:

Other statuses that would bring up the E-ZBorrow button:

Missing; Lost; Checked out; On-Order; Overdue; Bindery; On-Hold; Overdue-Rcl; Pending; Prsrvation; Temunavail

E-ZBorrow Button:

Can there be a mouse-over the button that tells users what E-ZBorrow is? Yes, if Bob is given some text he can put it in.

Bob has created an E-ZBorrow button in the Test Catalog. Needs to be modified to look more like a button.

Other Request Buttons:

If we defined a separate Law Library/Off-Site Request button, the Book/Special Request button could only appear if the item were On Order or had a non-circulating item type. This would alleviate the problem of users choosing Book/Special Request for normal Rutgers requests.

Making the parameters for the appearance of the Article Delivery button more context-sensitive is already on our listóGlenn and Jeff will come back to discuss that issue when LCC is ready to move on it.

2. Catalog Survey

Reviewed the survey created by Joseph Deodato designed to gauge what RUL faculty and staff think the next public Catalog should be like; revised some wording.

Agreed to give people the option to put in their name at the end.

3. Review of 246 Report

Bob ran a count of the number of 246 tags used for each format in the Catalog. There were 140,494 items with 246s. Agreed to add to MARC Full display; can get rid of it if it becomes a problem.

4. Project Chart Review

Permalink: Bob working on trying to get Permalinks into more areas. Trying to get into Reserves but the correct information is not being passed; may need to write a different script. Working on a Help button in the Permalink window, but canít get it to open in a separate window.

Committee members should begin testing the new Permalink options in the Test Catalog.

There has been some progress in cleaning up the ECCO 590s.

5. Feedback

No new feedback received since last meeting.

6. Information Sharing:

No new.

7. Next Meeting

April 19th [subsequently canceled]

nxb 5/16/2012

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