Minutes of the May 17, 2012 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Joseph Deodato (recorder), Theo Haynes, Bob Warwick
Ellen Calhoun, Jane Otto

1. Finalize VM-full changes

This item was tabled due to the absence of the media/cataloging representative.

2. Finalize E-ZBorrow button display criteria

The criteria, button image, and button text were finalized for E-ZBorrow. Criteria governing display of the E- ZBorrow button was approved by Access Services. The criteria specify a combination of item types and statuses that display the button for books and scores that are checked-out, non-circulating, or otherwise unavailable for loan.

A revised button image was uploaded to the test catalog for review. Sirsi typically uses text and background colors for buttons to make customization easier. Access Services noted that users often overlook the E-ZBorrow button and requested it be made more prominent. However, some thought the use of an image for the E-ZBorrow button provoked too sharp of contrast that made the non-graphical buttons appear less "button-like." One suggestion was to make the design consistent by creating images for the other buttons as well. In the interest of not holding up this improvement for aesthetic reasons, the committee agreed to put the new E-ZBorrow button into production and revisit the issue pending additional feedback.

Access Services requested that the button include hover text with a brief statement explaining the E-ZBorrow service. The following text was approved: "Request delivery of an item not currently available for loan.

3. Project chart review

The committee reviewed the current status of project chart items. Items listed below as "in test" will be moved from the test system into the production system. "In progress" items are ongoing.

Task Status
Remove local subject headings (690, 691) from VM-FULL display In test
Remove 658 and 931 from MARC-FULL display In test
Remove 255, 261, 521, and 580 from MARC-FULL display In test
Add 246 to MARC-FULL display In test
Make E-ZBorrow more context sensitive In test
Assign a page title to the windows that pop up when you generate a permalink In test
Change the permalink script so that the permalink button works on additional pages (e.g., Advanced Search) In Progress
Improve permalinking to work for browse searches and when search limits are used In Progress

4. Problems/questions identified during 3.4 testing

Issues identified during 3.4 testing will be incorporated into the project chart. Bartz will explore options for creating the project chart in LibGuides in order to make it easier to maintain and review. The possibilities of obtaining project management software to track catalog issues was also discussed.

5. Feedback/fixes

Users have reported that catalog permalinks tend to break when sent via email. It was suggested that these long URLs may break in transmission because some email clients do not support text-wrapping. It was further noted that the permalinks will work if one takes the additional step of using the email client’s "insert link" function. [It was later discovered that catalog permalinks break because they use curly braces {}, which, according to URL specifications, are unsafe characters that must be encoded because they can potentially be misunderstood by some clients.]

The committee reviewed an example from the Yale library catalog <http://hdl.handle.net/10079/bibid/3658890> that was suggested as a possible model for RUL. The record offers a brief item description, followed by summary holdings, followed by additional details about the item. It was suggested that chunking the most important elements of the record in this way might make them easier to read by the user. Bartz suggested that LCC consider a review and possible revision of record display format as a goal for next year.

6. Goals review and next steps

The committee reviewed the current status of its 2011-2012 annual goals:

Goal Status
Complete the development of a testing checklist to be used when upgrades to the catalog software become available. Complete
Work with User Services Council and other groups designated to investigate and develop a new public interface for the Library Catalog. In Progress
Review default displays for the various record formats (e.g., book, serial, media) in the Library Catalog to determine whether additional fields should be added or unnecessary fields should be removed. In Progress
Continue the ongoing review of Library Catalog related user feedback to determine ways to further improve the functionality and appearance of the Catalog. Ongoing

7. Information sharing

The results of USC's library catalog survey were shared. There were a total of 52 responses. Overall, the priorities of library staff were similar to those of users (as determined by the earlier user comments analysis). Both groups assigned high priority to features such as single point of access, accurate real-time holdings, and intuitive navigation. Likewise, both groups assigned the lowest priority to social media, user-submitted content, and visual search (tag clouds, cluster maps, etc.). However, there were a few noticeable areas of difference. For example, library staff ranked accessibility, multilingual support, and advanced search higher than most users. Meanwhile, users gave noticeably higher priority to relevancy ranking, smart searching, and personalization features.

The Web Board's Search Team met with Agnew, Purger, Just, and Fetzer to discuss future plans for search and discovery at RUL. The Search Team noted the challenges of trying to develop an integrated library search interface while the groups responsible for maintaining its various underlying systems (catalog, subscription databases, institutional repository, federated search, link resolver, etc.) continue to be structurally and administratively separated. The Team expressed the need for a more holistic approach to library search and discovery that would include the development of an action plan articulating a unified vision, set of goals, and requirements. The AULs agreed to refer the matter to Cabinet for further consideration. The outcome may have some potential impact on the future charge and composition of LCC.

The SirsiDynix Northeast Regional Group (SNRG) 2012 Conference will be held at Montclair State University on June 10-12, 2012. Several RUL staff members plan to attend.

8. Next meeting

The next LCC meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2012.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm
Respectfully submitted by Joseph Deodato

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