Minutes of the June 21, 2012 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Theo Haynes (remote and recorder), Jane Otto, Bob Warwick and Invited Guest: Melissa DeFino.
Ellen Calhoun, Joseph Deodato

1. Defining a new local note field

A new local note (591) has been approved for notes that don't need to be visible in the default display (e.g., notes for PDA records).

ACTION: 591 will be described as "Local staff note" and become part of the display for all record formats at RUL. It will not display in the default, but will be visible in the complete display with the label "Local staff note." Once problem 590s have been moved to the 591 or are otherwise cleaned up the 590 field will become part of the default for MARC-FULL.

2. Finalize VM-Full changes

Jane Otto's recommended order for fields in the VM-FULL display was reviewed.

ACTION: Bob will generate a report on 490s so that we can determine how many untraced series there are.

ACTION: Bob will move all Jane’s recommendations, with the exception of the 3 hyperlink questions, into production.

ACTION: Continue the discussion on the 655 and the steps needed to hyperlink it at a future meeting.

3. Project chart review

The project chart has been moved into the committee’s LibGuide. Stephanie will further reorganize it so there is a single tab that includes action items, issues to investigate, and new features to look at. The tab that cover completed items will be broken out into academic years.

4. Feedback/Fixes

5. Information Sharing

Next meeting: July 19, 2012, 1:30 p.m.

Theo Haynes, recorder

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_12_06_21.shtml
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