Minutes of the August 21, 2012 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (Chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Theo Haynes, Elizabeth Leister (guest), Jane Otto (recorder), Bob Warwick
Joseph Deodato

1. Hyperlinking the 655 (Genre/form) field

The group discussed the purpose of the 655, and the rationale for hyperlinking it. Hyperlinking of a tag applies across all formats. RUL's SIRSI hyperlinks have been configured at the system level to launch a browse search, and this is the case across all tags and formats. Therefore any field which is hyperlinked must have a browse index defined for it. Currently there are subject, author, and title browse indexes, but no browse index for genre/form. Decision points are 1) whether to hyperlink, [yes] 2) whether to include in an existing browse index, or in a new browse index, [a new genre/form browse index] 3) whether to create a keyword index [yes], 4) whether to include the genre/form keyword and/or browse search on basic search page pulldown [no] or just on the advanced search page pulldown [yes, in an additional line]. Any implementation will take some time, since reindexing is required.

2. Removing hyperlinks from 246 (Varying Form of Title) and 490 (Series Statement) fields

It was agreed there is no reason to hyperlink a variant title field, and the hyperlinking will be removed from the 246 field.

The group discussed historical changes in the tracing of series and the assignment of the 490, and distinctions between 490 1st indicator 0 (not traced) and 490 1st indicator 1 (traced in a different field). Looking at the number of field occurrences, it was determined that the number of series not traced (490 1st indicator 0) which might warrant tracing is very small, and these series would still be retrievable through general keyword search.

Therefore it was agreed to remove the hyperlink from the 490 field.

3. SERIAL-FUL default display

Elizabeth Leister presented candidate fields for addition and removal from the SERIAL-FUL default display. The group decided to add and delete tags as indicated below, and to otherwise retain the existing field order.

Add the 246 (immediately after the 245), 700, 710, and 711. 7xx fields will be placed between the 580 and 780 fields.

Remove the 521, 656, 657, 658, 690, 691, 655, 752, and 931.

Some were unsure of the 7xx field decision (because it will lengthen the record); the changes will be made in the test system and reviewed there before a final decision is made.

There was discussion of whether or not to add the 362 to the default display. This is the Volume/date range, and indicates the date the serial was first issued (e.g., "Began in 1992" or "Vol. 1, no. 1: 1992") and sometimes, when it ceased publication. The 362 field is more informative than the 260 (imprint), but can be misread as a holdings statement. In the absence of a label that would distinguish the 362 information from a holdings statement, the 362 should not be displayed. It was noted that this may become more of an issue as multiple 260s become more common; currently only one 260 field is displayed and all others are suppressed.

There was additional discussion of the field label "Merged from" (785 field, 2nd indicator 7). After discussion the alternative label "Merged with/Became" was proposed and will be implemented in the test catalog for review. 780, 2nd indicator 4 is a similar issue but not a problem; the current label for the 780 is "Earlier title part."

4. Media booking button

Andy Martinez and Jan Reinhart have been reviewing the Media Booking button in the test system. This button will only appear if the item has been assigned a media desk, and currently in the test system it links to an external form. They have requested the test system changes be put into production for the fall semester. A form internal to Symphony is under development. Further discussion of this topic will also take place within the RUL Media Team, with input from B. Warwick and J. Reinhart.

5. Goals for 2012-2013

The group reviewed the latest draft of the goals document and recommended minor changes. S. Bartz will make revisions and send the document to the group for final approval.

6. Project chart review

The Book Special Request button was renamed Item Special Request in the test catalog and pages that mention the service were also updated to reflect the new language.

590s have been added to the default displays for MARC-FULL and VM-FULL.

Additional work was done on getting permalinks to work on more pages.

7. Information sharing

The test catalog will be upgraded to version 3.4.1, service pack 2 in September. LCC will need to do testing. The production system will likely be upgraded on January 5th.

VALE is planning to test VuFind and other open source catalog options in the cloud. Amazon cloud space is being purchased.

A read-only version of the catalog was created for the extended down time on August 12th. The plan for creating the read-only version can now be implemented in the event of similar emergencies in the future.

8. Next meeting

September 20, 1:30, University Librarian's Conference Room

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