Minutes of the September 20, 2012 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (Chair); Natalie Borisovets (Recorder); Ellen Calhoun; Joseph Deodato; Theo Haynes; Michele Oswell (guest); Jane Otto; Bob Warwick; Steve Zahorbenski (guest)

1. Music Catalog Issues

a. Music and Score Default Displays:

i. 028 tag: This is the number assigned by publishers to scores, sheet music, sound recordings, and video recordings. It's useful if someone is looking for a specific issue.

ADD: To Music and Scores after the 260. Bob will put in Test.

b. Uniform Title Searching:

i. Diacritics often mean that a hyperlinked uniform title search results in a “No results perhaps due to options” message.

Jane Otto and Bob will work with the Music Cataloger to seek a solution.

c. "Subsort" Search:

i. Is it possible to split added author hyperlink searches so that it searches on the musical form (for example, sonatas)? Would have to investigate if possible and what the implications for the Catalog as a whole would be.

d. 500 Tags in Sound Recordings

i. Don't need

2. Serial Default Display

a. The following changes have been made in the Test Catalog:

i. Added 246 (after the 245) to the SERIAL-FUL display and removed 521, 656, 657, 658, 690, 691, 655, 752, and 931.

ii. Added 700, 710, and 711 (after the 580) to the SERIAL-FUL display.

iii. Changed the label for the 785 field from "Merged from" to "Merged with/Became" for all instances where the second indicator is 7.

Changes should be moved to Production.

b. 740 tag: These are added entries for related or analytical titles that are not controlled through an authority file or list. Li Sun has suggested that we consider these for display.

Not clear what the added value would be; Steve will ask Li for clarification.

3. Project Chart Review

a. In Test:

i. 246 hyperlinks removed. Move to Production.

ii. 490 hyperlinks removed. Move to Production.

iii. 655 (genre) hyperlinking. Add to Test.

b. "Book Special Request"

i. Rename "Item Special Request" and move to Test. Update text. Develop logic for the button not to display when not appropriate.

c. Media Booking button

i. Spacing between the Media Booking button and the Book Special Request button correct in Test; needs to be corrected in Production.

4. Feedback/Fixes

a. New Acquisitions: Someone has recommended that we look at how these are displaying at a particular site. Stephanie will share the URL.

b. Questions regarding the possibility of permalinking multiple records. Bob is looking into this.

c. Did we mean for the 856 to be indexed? Yes, certain portions are useful to search.

d. When trying to copy an 856 from the Catalog, use "copy" and not "copy link."

e. Media Booking button has been well-received.

f. Can only book media at those locations that currently have a media desk defined. For media held at other locations will either have to create media desks or will have to book those items at the currently defined locations.

5. Information Sharing

a. Chris Sterback is putting the upgrade into Test next week. The move into Production is scheduled for January; we will have until mid-December to test and sign-off.

b. A series of demos for discovery products are scheduled for the coming months. The first is an OCLC Worldshare demo on September 28th at 10:00 in the Pane Room.

6. Next Meeting

October 18th, 1:30-4:30, University Librarian's Conference Room

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