Minutes of the November 15, 2012 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Joseph Deodato, Theo Haynes (recorder), Jane Otto, Bob Warwick

1. Updates on testing

2. Feedback/fixes

Stephanie will add the latter three items to the project chart for future consideration.

3. Project chart review

4. Review of website’s new central search tabs

a. Place Books & Media tab first
Summary - Although there wasn't complete consensus on this point, some members of LCC felt that Books & Media should be the default tab and suggested that more users visit the library website to search the catalog than to find articles. Others believed the opposite to be true, noting that many first-year assignments typically require students to find three scholarly articles on a topic. Also noted was that fact that format preferences tend to vary by discipline.
Recommendation - Consult usage data to: 1) compare the total number of catalog searches vs. the total number of Searchlight searches, and 2) compare total page views for “Search Library Catalogs” vs. “Find Articles”.

b. Include more search options for the Books & Media tab
Summary - There was unanimous consensus that the current search options for Books & Media were inadequate to meet user needs (including librarian users). It was noted that the selection of search options was based on two factors: 1) a desire to include only the most commonly used catalog search options as indicated by usage statistics, and 2) a desire to limit the footprint of the search tabs for the sake of portability (i.e., embedding on successive web pages, research guides, course management systems, mobile devices, etc.). LCC took issue with both counts noting that the data in Director’s Station didn’t entirely match the selections and that the Articles tab already included a much longer drop-down menu of options than Books & Media.
Recommendation - Include the following search options for Books & Media: words anywhere, author keyword, author browse, title keyword, title browse, subject keyword, and subject browse.

c. Add Media as a separate tab
Summary - The increasing size and popularity of the Libraries’ media collection as well as the difficulty of distinguishing media from print titles in catalog searches warrant its separate treatment in a new tab. It was noted that the grouping of media with books was a technical rather than a philosophical issue resulting from the difficulty of constructing a predefined search query capable of successfully parsing media formats.
Recommendation - Otto and Warwick will work on drafting a catalog search query that can be used as the basis of a media tab and submit it to the Search Team for review.

d. Add an option to limit by library
Summary - Many users (particularly those from Camden) regularly rely on the option to limit catalog searches by library. Forcing these users (many of whom are novices) to rely on the advanced search for this functionality does them a disservice. However, adding this option may require enlarging the interface by adding an additional line to the Books & Media tab.
Recommendation - Explore means of integrating the library limit option without compromising the overall design and portability of the search interface.

e. Make research data publicly available
Summary - In order to promote wider understanding of the Search Team’s decision-making, it was suggested that the group make its research data publicly available. It was noted that much of this data (including guidelines, specifications, testing protocol, comments, and usage data) is already available through the Library Web Redesign site at: http://www4.libraries.rutgers.edu/redesign/search-team. Much of this information was also presented at Web Board, USC, and a library-wide public forum.
Recommendation - Post the data collected from Director’s Station that was used to guide decision-making regarding search options.

5. Next meeting and next agenda items

Dec 20, next meeting (subsequently cancelled)

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