Minutes of the February 21, 2013 Meeting

Fay Austin (guest), Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Joseph Deodato (recorder), Theo Haynes, Jane Otto, Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber (guest)

1. RDA records

Weber and Austin provided an overview of Resource Description and Access (RDA) and its impact on the library catalog. RDA is the new cataloging standard, replacing AACR2. It provides cataloging guidelines for digital resources, works with any metadata schema (MARC, MODS, Dublin Core, etc.), and is flexible enough to accommodate future and emerging resource formats and changes. Weber summarized some of the major changes introduced by RDA including:

The decision of whether and how to implement RDA will be driven by consideration of how the new rules improve the experience of users and our ability to manage resource metadata. Such considerations include:

RUL is already importing RDA records from OCLC, GPO, MARCIVE, and other vendors. There is currently no plan to apply RDA retroactively, so catalog records will continue to be mixed. In the meantime, LCC needs to supply display labels for these new tags and decide if any of these tags need to appear in any indexes or in any default display. Label changes will take effect immediately. Indexing changes will require the re-indexing of existing RDA records. The committee reviewed a list of new tags furnished by Warwick and made the following recommendations:

Tag   Display Label Index Default
083 Additional Dewey Decimal Classification Number Dewey class number (same as 082)    
085 Synthesized Classification Number Components None – Strip out with other junk tags    
264 Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice Publication info (same as 260) Yes Yes
336 Content Type Content type (temp label until further study)    
337 Media Type Media type (temp label until further study)    
338 Carrier Type Carrier type (temp label until further study)    
344 Sound Characteristics Technical specs    
345 Projection Characteristics of Moving Image Technical specs    
346 Video Characteristics Technical specs    
347 Digital File Characteristics Technical specs    
377 Associated Language Associated language    
380 Form of Work Form/genre (same as 655)    
381 Other Distinguishing Characteristics of Work or Expression Other characteristic    
382 Medium of Performance Musical instrument    
383 Numeric Designation of Musical Work Musical work number    
384 Key Musical key    
542 Information Relating to Copyright Status Copyright    
774 Constituent Unit Entry Constituent part Yes  
786 Data Source Entry Related data    

Otto will investigate labeling and indexing of 3xx fields. Warwick will add the new display labels and index changes into the test catalog. Consideration also needs to be given to the question of whether the 260|c and 264|c should be indexed in addition to the 260|b and 264|b.

2. UMDNJ catalog integration

Weber reported that 70,000 UMDNJ records have been loaded into the test catalog with approximately 33% duplication. The records are scheduled to be loaded into production in June. She noted that some records lack LCSH, some have local classification numbers, and serials have no classification numbers. MeSH and NLM classification numbers will be indexed and MeSH browse and keyword indexes will be created. Robert Wood Johnson and George F. Smith will be added to the list of libraries along with approximately twelve new sub-locations. Weber will inquire as to what UMDNJ users will want represented in default displays.

3. Goals review/mid-year report

Drafts of the goals review and mid-year report were distributed via email for review and comment. Both documents were unanimously approved with minor revisions.

4. Information sharing

Symphony 3.4.1 SP3 includes accommodation for the new OCLC prefixes and variable length OCLC numbers that will begin appearing on July 1. The new service pack will likely be implemented in May without a full round of testing since it’s a patch rather than a full upgrade.

Bartz is working on updating the Wikipedia entry on IRIS originally created in 2008 by a Rutgers undergraduate.

Camden has requested the addition of a local 590 note that could be used to identify and retrieve books featured on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as well as for similar categories of material. The request will likely be discussed at USC and LRC in the context of general policy/guidelines for such note fields.

Access Services recently sent an email to announce changes to the catalog and collections related to the newly renamed Laurie Performing Arts Library. The change from Mabel Smith Douglass Library to Douglass and Laurie Library has already been made in the Library Catalog. Other changes are ongoing.

5. Next meeting

The next LCC meeting is scheduled for March 21st

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