Minutes of the October 17, 2013 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (Chair), Ellen Calhoun (recorder), Theo Haynes (remote), Maria Saimbert, Bob Warwick
Natalie Borisovets, Melissa De Fino

1. Item Special Request and Book Delivery

a. See project chart under category “Request Options” re: item special request. Stephanie will revise the form page with shortened text to parallel Book/Delivery Recall text currently in test. UMD-ONLINE will be added to the list of exceptions that prevent the ISR button from displaying; used for Health Sciences Portal.

b. See test catalog for redesign of the Book Delivery/Recall form page. Bob will add bullets and the committee will do a final review and sign off via email.

2. Project Chart Review

a. Stephanie redid the chart to organize projects by categories; “to do” is highlighted. The chart now includes a new section on Indexing. MESH subheadings are now included in the keyword index. The 776 item rebuild of the index is done; Bob is now working on rebuilding the 240 field index to remove brackets. X2 has been removed from the sublocation list.

3. Feedback – none this time.

4. Information sharing

a. SMITH, RWJ, and RUL all have a separate mobile presence.

b. From the Sept. LIS meeting, UNICODE implementation is expected in January. We will need to test this fall.

c. RWJ-ARC is being added as a reserve library in the catalog.

d. SirsiDynix Web Services will be purchased to allow us to extend mobile catalog functionality so that features like holds are an option.

e. LIS will be looking at Kuali/OLE implementation in the coming year. The hope is to have a shadow implementation running parallel to Workflows by the end of 2015, with a potential for full implementation in 2016.

5. Next Meeting

Nov. 21 at 1:30, University Librarian’s Conference Room, Alexander Library.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/iris_public_access_com/minutes/pac_13_10_17.shtml
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