Minutes of the November 21, 2013 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Melissa De Fino, Theo Haynes (recorder), Maria Saimbert, Bob Warwick
Ellen Calhoun

1. Indexing

a. The system will be reindexed along with migration to Unicode so indexing changes need to be put in place now. Indexes have already been created for the 586 &774.

b. 264c & 260c have been on our list of fields to consider indexing, but we need to review why we’d be indexing them. Probable usefulness is to visual media to simplify date searching, but Melissa will consult Mary Beth Weber, Jane Otto, and Fay Austin about the issue. 264b is already indexed.

c. RDA fields 336 (Content type), 337 (Media type), and 338 (Carrier type) were reviewed and the decision was made to include all three in the general keyword index. Similar information was included in other indexed fields under MARC standards. See http://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/index.html for definitions and examples.

d. The list of Keyword Indexes for Individual Tags (as of 9/25/2013) was reviewed to identify fields that should no longer be indexed in order to free up space for RDA fields and additional indexing needs.

Some fields in the list lacked labels, but are identified below.

027 standard technical report number (e.g., NTIS)
035 local control number (e.g., OCLC #)
088 report number, not standard
247 former title
538 system details note
655 genre form
657 function term
752 hierarchical place name (e.g., US—NJ—Camden)
765 original language entry
767 translation entry
773 host item entry
775 other edition entry
776 additional physical form entry
799 Local title added entry (RLIN remnant, used for theses)

Four indexes will be removed and Melissa will look at cleaning up the records since the usage numbers for those fields are so small:

241 Romanized title: replaced by 880, which will be indexed for Unicode (9 records)
242 Title translation (93 records)

340 Medium (1 record)

598 Local note (5 records)

Two indexes will be added:

880 Vernacular fields linked to Romanized equivalent fields
978 Cataloger – to facilitate cataloging statistics

2. My Library Account

a. My Account has been changed to My Library Account across the website, in the Catalog, and in the User Guide. Stephanie will inquire about the possibility of making a global change in LibGuides to complete the transition.

b. A UBorrow Requests link was added to the test catalog at the request of Access Services. The committee reviewed its placement and agreed that it should be moved into the production catalog so that users have a pointer for checking on materials requested via UBorrow.

3. Item Special Request and Book Delivery / Recall

a. Updated text on the IR and BD/R pages was approved and will be implemented in the production catalog.

b. Revised text for the “Other options” sections of the two pages will be reviewed at the next meeting.

4. Testing Plan

Test migration of the production catalog will take place in early December. LCC will need to run through testing protocols, but also look at indexing, the display of diacritics and vernacular, and other issues related to Unicode.

There will be a new URL for the new server with Unicode capability, but the current version of the catalog will still be live so searches should be similar size, unlike when comparing to much smaller test catalog. Testing assignments are included on the committee’s LibGuide.

5. Project Chart Review

No changes since last update.

6. Feedback

a. After a call number search, you can mark items when viewing bib records, but cannot retrieve or look at marked items unless you switch to another screen with a Marked Items button (even though the Marked Items button appears) – Bob will investigate possibility of removing the nonfunctioning button or determining why it doesn’t work.

b. 212 is an obsolete variant title tag; 246, subfield 13 is now used for variant titles, but our label is “Other title.” – Label will be changed to “Variant title.”

c. Hyphens appear to be treated differently depending on whether they’re part of a browse search or a keyword search. – Bob is investigating.

d. User suggested we create mouseovers to explain sublocations. – Will be added to our list of features to investigate.

7. Information Sharing

a. E-ZBorrow now has deep linking to the Catalog so that users don’t need to repeat their search when directed there. Linking is based on the 001. [from USC 10/24/2013]

b. UBorrow is not being pushed because of expense, but is visible if a patron finds it. There will be no button for it in the Catalog. The hope is that there will eventually be one search interface for E-ZBorrow and UBorrow together. [from USC 10/24/2013]

8. Next meeting and next agenda items

Next meeting is Thursday, Dec 19, 2013 1:30-4, University Librarian’s Conference Room

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