Minutes of the December 19, 2013 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (Chair); Natalie Borisovets (Recorder); Ellen Calhoun; Melissa De Fino; Daria Gorman; Theo Haynes; Marie Konyne Saimbert; Bob Warwick

1. Daria Gorman, Supervising Cataloger at the Smith Library, was introduced as the newest member of the LCC.

2. Unicode/Linux Migration

  1. LDAP is now working with the Unicode Catalog
  2. IIS is updating scripts and contacting vendors.
  3. Migration will begin on January 5th. The entire system has to be down while the extract, which will take approximately 10 hours, is in progress. A read-only catalog on a separate server will always be available. The full system should be back up live by Thursday, January 9th.
  4. Unicode Catalog Review
    1. 880 (vernacular) field: Is still being worked on. It is being indexed; display is the issue.
    2. "Charge Database error--unable to process request" message: Reported for some test searches and subsequently reported to Sirsi.
    3. Plans for an EndNote filter are being discussed. There is a question as to who is going to support.
    4. Marked items error: This is probably an incorrect path in the Unicode catalog. Bob will investigate.
    5. There is a problem with Permalinks in the Unicode catalog. This may be because the catalogs are currently on different servers. Bob will investigate.
    6. The "Change Display" screen in the Unicode catalog has the info box to the right. Should be deleted.
    7. RefWorks does not currently work with the Unicode catalog.
    8. If you search "biography" as a subject keyword, limit your results to a subcategory, and then go back to the original list, you will see a different "Search Again" box than you saw before you set the limit. This happens in both Production and the Unicode catalog.

3. Item Special Request & Book Delivery Recall: Stephanie has streamlined the lower section of this page. Changes approved; Bob will move changes from Test to Production before the migration.

4. Project Chart Review: No new changes-Unicode migration has taken priority.

5. Feedback:

  1. Erroneous "Catalog is not available" message-will change.
  2. Question for Health Sciences libraries: Don't have an EZ-Borrow button in the grey bar in the Health Sciences portal. Initially did not want; do they want it to appear now? Daria and Maria will follow up.

6. Information Sharing

  1. Electronic Reserves: Streaming media reserve items are currently set up so that they can only be viewed by students in that specific class. This is being extended to all e-Reserves; come Spring only those associated with a specific class would be able to view the electronic reserves for that class. There is only going to be one person in each library (a member of the Reserves staff) who will have access to all Reserves.
  2. The web scale discovery layer will not include the catalog. Discovery has now been split into two phases. The 1st phase is articles discovery and the replacement of Searchlight. Phase 2 will be the use of VuFind as our discovery tool. The catalog will be added in phase 2.
  3. Receiving library notices via text messaging will be added as an option in "My Library." There will be options to opt in, modify, or opt out.
  4. Access Services has agreed that there is no longer a need for users to routinely register with the libraries. If they need a PIN, users will have to call or come in.

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