Minutes of the January 16, 2014 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Melissa De Fino, Daria Gorman, Marie K. Saimbert (Recorder), Theo Haynes (virtual-Camden), Bob Warwick

1. Unicode/Linux Migration - recap and review of outstanding issues

  1. Many permalinks, as well as the ability to create permalinks, were broken during the migration. This problem has already been fixed.
  2. Exporting vernacular characters to RefWorks was also not working after the migration, but the problem was fixed this morning.
  3. There are no vernacular records (with characters from other languages [880s]) to test EndNote export in the Health Sciences Catalog, but Daria will set up a record and then test the export feature
  4. Unpaired 880s are still an issue. Pairing is based on subfield 6, but not all 880s have English language equivalents to pair with, so they display without a label. Once the test system is available, Bob will investigate to see whether unpaired 880s can be suppressed from the display.
  5. Test Catalog being migrated week of Jan 21 to separate server, and Bob will test items reflected in item d. And f. after that
  6. Marked records display fields in different order than the regular record displays. The 880s don’t display with their English language equivalents and unpaired 880s are labelled “original script.” v

2. Project chart and goals review

  1. Decided to add export to EndNote to RUL test Catalog and eventually production Catalog. Discussed where user questions would go related to EndNote and the Catalog; there is a citation manager working group.
  2. Agreed to add EZ Borrow and ILL buttons to Health Sciences Catalog (HSC). ILL confirmed by Daria as now going to same ILL (no Illiad RUL vs. Docline HSL issue).
  3. Discussed addition of menu button for RUL Catalog in top grey bar menu of HSC; Bob will address. Also discussed need for consistent naming of Rutgers Library Catalog, now called “Rutgers Main Catalog” in HSC.
  4. Repeated discussion on the need for the HSC.
  5. Decision to change HSC drop down to say All RBHS (instead of ALL UMD). Bob will also explore the possibility of creating an All RUL group so that users can easily switch between RBHS searches and searching the full catalog. Changing UMD-Online to RBHS-Online is also desirable, but requires further investigation.
  6. Theo expressed an interest in having a right hand navigation box, like the one in the Health Sciences Catalog, added to the Library Catalog.

3. Feedback

  1. wrapping in bibliographic records after a Call Number search - Bob will adjust the boxes to same size
  2. 856 links missing notes [i.e., table of contents only] – Some electronic access links loaded to the catalog from Springer are lacking the notes to indicate that something other than full-text is available via the link (e.g., Expression profiling in neuroscience). We should be able to change the field label based on the indicator, but some of the Springer records do not have any indicators in the 856 field. The label for 856 fields with an indicator 2 will be changed to “Related info.” Bob will put the change in the test catalogs. A cleanup project for records lacking 856 indicators should be undertaken at some point.
  3. Anonymous feedback was received suggesting that a disclaimer be added to the Health Sciences Catalog to tell users that when they “search the health sciences catalog, they are not getting access to all health sciences literature Rutgers has available.” LCC will work on crafting appropriate language.
  4. Maria brought a screen shot with a dentistry journal listed twice in the result list for the Rutgers Library Catalog. The browse list shows title variants pulled from the record, so even though there is only one record, the title correctly appears twice in the list.
  5. Two printing anomalies were identified – Browse lists print with the phrase “Results for this hit” above each entry and Search Results print with fields that aren’t part of that view (e.g., Call number, Publisher, Edition). Bob will investigate.
  6. Implementation of RDA means that GMDs [e.g., microform] will no longer appear in title fields. Central Technical Services has asked that LCC look at the possibility of adding icons to represent formats. This is already on LCC’s project chart.

4. Default display for MANUSCRPT-F

Based on recommendations from Special Collections and University Archives, the MANUSCRPT-F default display will be expanded to include the 545, 555, 581, 544, 530, 561, 351, 524, 546, and 500 fields.

5. Information Sharing

  1. Kuali-Ole presentation [https://www.kuali.org/ole] (Stephanie and Bob will attend)
  2. Follow-up call about Unicode (Stephanie and Bob will attend)
  3. Reserves will be restricted to NetID for students in a course with a professor and librarians will not be able to have access to course reserves. Librarians can see course reserve list, but can’t click on electronic version unless registered for a course.
  4. Daria will begin the work to incorporate health sciences materials with NLM call numbers into the “This just in…” pages.

6. Next meeting and next agenda items

February 20

  1. Default display for MAP-FULL
  2. This just in… for health sciences

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