Minutes of the April 17, 2014 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair), Natalie Borisovets, Ellen Calhoun, Melissa De Fino (recorder), Daria Gorman, Theo Haynes (remote), Marie Saimbert, Bob Warwick

1. MRDF (Machine Readable Data Files) default display

The Committee agreed to add field 246 (Portion of title/Variant title) and 505 (Contents) to the default display and to remove field 931 (Library has).

2. This just in … (revision to incorporate Health Sciences)

The new Health Sciences categories were approved for the This just in page. April's page will include the new categories.

Stephanie will remove the phrase "Based on LC call numbers" from the section headers because we have now added categories that are based on NLM call numbers. The text in the "About - Subject" section will also be updated.

The This just in button will be added to the gray menu bar in the Health Sciences Catalog.

3. Project chart review


Bob loaded format icons to the test catalog. Icons are generated from the item type. For merged format records with multiple item types, the icon is generated from the first listed item type. Bob will investigate the possibility of displaying multiple item types for multi-format records.

Currently it is not possible to display a unique icon for electronic resources because electronic resources are given the item types BOOK-N, BOOK-Y, PERIODCL-N, PERIODCL-Y, etc., which generate the same icons for tangible and electronic formats. Bob will investigate generating icons from library rather than item type for electronic resources, which will allow an electronic resource icon to be generated from the RU-ONLINE library. The alternative would be to revisit item types and create new ones for each type of electronic resource.


We cannot export to EndNote from the catalog the way we can export to RefWorks from the catalog. A button will be added that says "Save for EndNote," to ease confusion. Bob will load this to the test catalog and investigate the possibility of suppressing the RefWorks button when EndNote is selected and vice versa.

4. Feedback


Titles that begin with the word maņana don't seem to be indexing properly. Bob is still investigating this and has nothing to report at this time.

336, 337, 338

The official RDA labels for field 337 and 338 are Media Type and Carrier Type, respectively. However, the display labels for these fields are currently set to Media Device and Media Type, respectively. These labels were agreed upon at a previous LCC meeting to provide more clarity to the user. The Committee has received a request from a cataloger to change the display labels back to the RDA labels, for training purposes within Central Technical Services.

After discussion, it was agreed that displaying field 336, 337, and 338 in the default display is more confusing than helpful to users, and so these three fields will be removed from the default display altogether. With the fields removed from the default display, it was agreed that their labels can be changed back to RDA labels. The display for field 337 will now be Media Type, and the display for field 338 will now be Carrier Type.

E-ZBorrow Button

Stephanie presented a new image for the E-ZBorrow button, which matches the company's new logo. It was approved, and Bob will add it to the catalog.

Renewal Button

Melissa reported a problem with the Renew Selected Items button. It was determined that this is a previously reported problem that there is limited clickable space on some buttons in the catalog.

My Library Account

The Committee received a request to have the system display both active and inactive checkouts in My Library Account. A user was unaware that he had items checked out because they had become inactive checkouts. Bob will investigate.

Text Box on Error Report Page

Bob will investigate whether this box can be enlarged.

Public Laws

Stephanie asked if field 088 (Report number) could be added to the default display for books so that Public Law numbers are visible in the display. This was approved.

Counting Opinions

The Committee reviewed feedback from the Counting Opinions survey. Two actionable items are already in place: Non-Roman characters are now displayed and the Media Booking Button has been added to the catalog. There was a request to improve the guide for advanced searching, which Stephanie will work on as time permits.

5. Next meeting and other agenda items

The next meeting was set for Thursday May 15th. OCLC's FastCat subject headings have been added to the agenda.

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