Minutes of the July 17, 2014 Meeting

Bartz, Borisovets, Calhoun, Gorman, Haynes (recorder), Warwick
De Fino, Saimbert

1. Updates

VuFind implementation has been pushed back to Fall 2015. LCC will not be involved until Oct 2014.

Reserve search – Problems have been found with locating courses in Reserves module searches because of inconsistencies in the way course names are entered (e.g., Introduction to Statistics vs INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS vs Intro to Statistics). An exact search may miss entries that are essentially the same simply because they weren’t entered uniformly. A truncated browse search often retrieves the best results. Bob has notified the Reserves group about the problem and suggested staff training improvements. Stephanie will review the User Guide to make sure that it explains the benefits of truncated searches in the Reserves module.

2. Annual Report

The draft 2014 Annual report and the 2013-2014 year-end goals update were accepted by LCC.

3. Preliminary goals discussion

Draft goals for 2014-2015 were approved but will be held until requested and/or the correct format is determined.

4. Project Chart Review

FAST headings have been removed. Bob wrote a script to use on all loads and also removed headings that were already in the Catalog.

Unpaired 880 / 505 (contents note): Bob will identify records that have these unpaired fields and Li Sun will fix them manually. Future data loads are still a question. This may be an ongoing problem since unpaired fields will likely be set not to display once this round of cleanup is complete.

5. Feedback

Feedback from CTS expressed concern with generating format icons based on RU-ONLINE as a library since RU-ONLINE includes multiple formats (e.g., monograph, serial, video). LCC maintains that in the context of icons, the format would just be “online” rather than “online book” etc. Trying to generate separate icons for each type of online format would be unnecessarily complicated. Bob is still working to find a way to display a format icon based on library.

Patron initiated media booking is back in the test catalog so that Media can test it again. The same problems that were seen in the previous testing persist, generally a result of the way time frames are dictated by user profile or library. They’re looking at the possibility of changing some policies in order to make it work.

The logic for displaying buttons on records for titles located at RWJ-ARC needs to be reviewed. Book Delivery/Recall, Item Special Request, and Article Delivery should not display if RWJ-ARC is the only location and E-ZBorrow should display under the same circumstances.

6. Information Sharing

Alexander Library is starting a recreational reading (RECREAD) collection, like that at Kilmer.

7. Next meeting

August 21, 2014

[Note: The August meeting was subsequently cancelled. Next meeting, Sept. 18.]

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