Minutes of the September 18, 2014 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (Chair), Natalie Borisovets (Recorder), Ellen Calhoun, Melissa De Fino, Joseph Deodato, Daria Gorman, Theo Haynes, Bob Warwick

1. Final Goals for AY 2014/2015

Activities were pared down to two in order to conform with the ability to “complete in one year.”

Activity 1—Work with relevant groups to develop an open source public interface for the Library Catalog

Activity 2—Complete the review of the existing buttons and request options within the existing Library Catalog in order to streamline those options.

The 3rd proposed activity, “Look at the default Boolean operator for Basic Search to determine whether SAME continues to be the best option or whether a change is warranted” was dropped as in light of the move to VuFind there seems to be no point in considering such a major change at this time.

2. Series Treatment Proposal

Reviewed the proposal, prepared by Fay Austin, to change RUL’s treatment of series.

In 2008, LC stopped tracing series and recommended that all series titles be coded as MARC 490 0-, and that the 440 (Series statement consisting of a series title alone) no longer be used. RUL policy has been to continue to accept copy with existing 440s.

Issue: While 490s are searchable in the keyword index, they are not browsable. Therefore, having only 490s would eliminate the ability to browse by series title. Many of these titles were cataloged with the initial article so adding them to browse indexes is not viable unless there is a cleanup of initial articles and subsequent capitalization. We don’t anticipate that there is staff available for this kind of cleanup project. LCC recommends that there be no changes to the current practice.

3. VuFind

212,000 RUL records, with links to production holdings, have been loaded into generic VuFind.

The VuFind test link is in the LCC LibGuide.

The VuFind website has a list of institutions that have implemented VuFind [https://vufind.org/wiki/installation_status]. Villanova and the University of Michigan are among the biggest. A link will be added to the LCC LibGuide.

Timeline calls for us to have search options and facets configured by December 12th.

1st step: Look at the sample records. How do they work in generic VuFind; look at how others have made changes.

Stephanie will contact Jon Sauceda for input on music related searching and displays. Additional members may be added for other aspects (e.g., media).

Known issues;

Meetings: Will be scheduling extra meetings between October and November and November and December. [Note: Meetings were subsequently scheduled for October 30, 10:00 am and December 4, 1:30 pm.]

4. Project chart review

Little work has been done on project chart items because of the focus on VuFind and other tasks.

Improving the button logic in the Health Sciences Catalog has been cancelled as an action item. Logic in that catalog can’t be changed because the library limit essentially hides items available in other Rutgers libraries. The system can only look at complete holdings, not partial holdings.

5. Feedback

6. Next meeting

October 16, 1:30, in the University Librarian’s Conference Room

nxb 10/15/2014; sb 10/16/2014

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