Minutes of the January 15, 2015 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (chair); Natalie Borisovets; Melissa De Fino (recorder); Joseph Deodato; Theo Haynes (remote); Mary Ann Koruth (guest); Bob Warwick; Yini Zhu
Ellen Calhoun

1. Mobile catalog customization

The following changes to the mobile catalog display were discussed. Recommendations will be taken back to the team working on mobile displays.

2. Removing the word “campuses” from the catalog and replacing it with “universities.”

Per the University, we are no longer to refer to Newark, RBHS, New Brunswick/Piscataway, or Camden as “campuses.” They are, instead, “universities.” After discussion, LCC agreed that this requires further clarification and review before any changes are made to the catalog.

3. VuFind customization

Bob will review the complete list of VuFind customization recommendations and send an update on progress to the list. The following additional changes were discussed and will be added to the chart.

4. Project Chart Review

In anticipation of VuFind implementation, many items on LCC’s project chart can now be whittled down. At the next meeting, the group will discuss what can be removed, and what still requires attention.

5. Mid-year Goal Status

Activity 1: Work with relevant groups to develop an open source public interface for the Library Catalog.

This goal is in progress.

Activity 2: Complete the review of the existing buttons and request options within the existing Library Catalog in order to streamline those options.

Although maintenance work may be needed, this goal is no longer relevant because of VuFind.

6. Feedback

7. Information Sharing

8. The next meeting will be February 19th.

The schedule for future meetings may change.

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